Location:Las Vegas, USA
Ebay ID:candles_n_rcs

I race with the Bury Buggy Club and love every minute of it. I wish there were more people around me that went. Does collecting rc's ever end? I know my wife thinks they multiply like rabbits. I wish!!! Man my toy room is filling up way too fast. Did I just complain? It's been 2 years since I started collecting and playing. I hope to get better at racing very soon. I just dropropropped bank into my TA04. I now have so many cars that I haven't put in here it's crazy, and I'm looking to get more. Maybe I should leave this alone. Enjoy my showroom. Oh I changed my email so I can talk to people now on gov't computers.

Well I've moved to Las Vegas now and I'm loving off roading. Just gotta fix up my rig and get crawling.

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