Location:USA, Laurel, Maryland
Ebay ID:Flugwerks

My first Tamiya car was the XR311 way, way back in the late 1970's. I got out of the hobby sometime after that but have returned after 20+ years away. I have managed to get a 2000 edition XR311 and also participate in our local Tamiya Spec racing. Great fun. To me the Tamiya cars trucks and buggies represent some very nice subjects and are surprisingly durable and well made for their reasonable prices. I am hoping to collect more cars over time. To date I have more than 30 Tamiya cars, trucks and buggies. While most are in the condition of either needing restoration or otherwise not shelf queen status I will eventually restore these as time, money and parts availability allows.

Please note these models are not for sale unless they are specifically in my traderoom space.
I am now sure collection of Tamiya is a sickness! :)

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