Location:John D'Or Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Ebay ID:greenlightning80

I'm a 34 year old elementary teacher. I've been into radio-controlled cars ever since I got my first Radio Shack yellow 4WD pickup when I was 6 for Christmas. As the years went on, I had several Nikko cars, before getting my first Tamiya, a Grasshopper II Super G, when I was 12. The collection has been built up slowly, but now that I have a full-time job I'm able to get them quicker now!! Recent purchases include a rough Lunch Box that I've redone and modified, a Hot Shot II, and a Boomerang. There's also several trucks and an old Sand Scorcher that's awaiting the new parts I've bought for it to be installed.

I've been inspired a great deal by the wonderful work done by TC members, and many have been quite helpful in answering my questions. I think it's a truly great website, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

I haven't been into Tamiya much in the past few years, but I just bought a new Durga, and will put up pictures of it when it's painted. I look forward to getting back into the hobby!