Location:canada..vancouver british columbia

My Tamiya collection includes:
Mint condition..all original.
Blazing Blazer..box art black and orange
Hilux 109 4x4 with working head lights
Toyota Tundra..custom beyond imagination...full lights,mfc and iJet remote that runs your iPod..that is very cool!!
Baja Bug box art blue/white and with platiumizing of all metal parts and custom rail/tube front bumper aluminum.
Baja Bug red/yellow or yellow/red finished out like the Blue Baja
F350 complete with full lights and mfc with iJet option.
Toyota 4x4 with Surfboard complete with full light and mfc with iJet option.
Bruiser box art blue full custom..machined wheels aluminium and lights.

The original date back to the '80s are in mint restored condition with full electronics..they are pristine in their presentation.
The new models are custom built with paint and full sound and lights.
Last to the collection King Hauler with full sound and lights...the Beast!!!
Also..not Tamiya.
10+ Rock Crawlers..some stock with 4ws, frame construction others tubers. Some are dressed out with lights and decals others are just for hard crawling.
Later...Tamiya collector.

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