Ebay ID:rbmjmw

Hello all, I do have some more Tamiyas to photo and load up here I will get around to it. First Tamiya was a Grasshopper in the mid-eighties. I have never had such an unbreakable RC car since! Previously had a Madcap, Wild Willy, Wild Dagger and Bearhawk, Stadium Blitzer (was a great runner), NIB F201, NIB Mini 58149, Tamtech Porsche. Have recently got a re re Grasshopper and Hornet and currently have a Top Force, 959, Gr.b, Wild Dagger, Vanquish, Madcap, M03 mini, Astute and re re Frog. I am in the process of gathering parts for an Egress...why did I start this!

My Tamiyaclub friends...