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I loved Minis and bought my first RC car (Rover Mini Cooper - M01) in 1994. Went on to racing with a TA02. Today i collect over 400cars. Most of them are from the 90s and early 2000s. Got married in 2013 and wife is supportive as the Kids enjoy the cars. Their favourite is the Lunch Box. 2018, I decided to concentrate my collection to M-Chassis and TA01/TA02 of my time.

My Car List include

Rover Mini Cooper - about 30 cars
Volkswagen Beetle - 6 cars
TA01 / TA02 - about 120 cars
FF01 - 5 units
M-Chassis - about 70 Units
Lunch Box / Midnight Pumpkin - 8 cars
Top Force / Blazing Star - 10 cars
Bruiser - 3 cars
1/14 Trailers - 8 Units
F-1 - 6 units
TG-10 1/8 Mini Cooper - 6 cars
TL01 - 4 units
Ferrari F40 (Grp.C) - 3 units
Mercedes C11 (Grp.C) - 2 units

Other one off cars
Monster Beetle
Bull Head
Clod Buster
Dyna Blaster
1/20 Mammoth Dump Truck
Sand Scorcher
Rough Rider
Buggy Champ
1/14 Tamtech
1/24 Tamtech
1/8 B2B
Mitsubishi Pajero CC01
VW Golf TT01
SR-6000 Solar Eagle
DB01 Dungra

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