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Staying in a small island in the Far East, Singapore -> 1°17′N 103°51′E. Been into RC since secondary, back then it's sort of an expensive toy. Didn't have much toys to start with, family was quite poor then. Dad passed away when we're still little (i was 3) .... mom had to take care of us, finally got one because I came in 3rd in school. I can still remember the first kit a 4WD HotShot, was wow... played it every chance I've got, even in the rain, dirt or hot sun . that was like in the 1980s..

Now have all grown up, pick up the hobby again....back a few years in 2001.. and wow have I've a load of collections and passions for building stuff lol :) Am Just another nice guy, sometime funny, sometime crazy and somtime weird :lol: but always friendly.

Thankyou Tamiya for bringing back memories - re-releasing some of the iconic Models, that I had grown up with, those that I would love to have but couldn't afford, those that I've missed, and those that I have share my memories with ;-)

not a serious vintage collector, but I do collect stuffs I like and exotic kits ;-)