Location:Doncaster & Maidenhead, UK, Now Jeddah, Saudi
Ebay ID:S.Williamson

Well like most of us I was around for the original boom in the early 80's and have collected ever since on and off.

It started in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, where I grew up with my friend Graham who had a Falcon, and me having a Grasshopper, that I still have, we use to run and abuse them all over the place, practically, behind what was then Donny airfield near Ellers Middle school, the schools still there but the airfield has now turned into the Dome, bowling allies, Asda, Flats and various other things.

I’m mainly collecting vintage Tamiya, the first 100 for now and 3 speed’s, most of my models are for display or will be once restored but I still have runners, well what’s the point in collecting if you cannot play now and again.

There are also a lot of spare pieces I have you could probable build a lot more runners out of them, if you could sort through it all.

I am always interested in collecting new models and better examples of the ones I already have. I probably need to trade a lot of the duplicated models I have.

Feel free to droproprop me an email if you see anything you like or have something you think I will like. I will continue adding photos when I can and then start adding descriptions, as there are not even half my models in the showroom yet.

I have now moved south to Maidenhead, Berkshire. Thanks to Tamiya collecting & TC I have met some great people I now call friends, one person DunK or Dunkman) in particular I had know for quite a few years through an old job, but neither of us new of our secret hobbies until I brought a couple of cars off him on e-bay & arranged to meet up to collect them, It was only then we realised who each other was.

Duncan now organises the “Reading Bash”

I should say a quick thank You to Thomas in Austria who has been very helpful to me in providing some excellent models and restoration projects, also to Rad (Rad22Rad) for passing on some of his knowledge, I hope I can do them both justice,

You should check out Rad’s showroom you will not believe the quality of his restoration work and believe me the pic’s don’t do his work justice.

My job takes me away, so spend a lot of time out of the country for years at a time only returning for a couple of weeks or so every 3 months or there about, but always try and make time for my collection and TC meets,

Hopefully I'll see a few of you at some of them.

I’m currently in Jeddah & Rabigh on the west cost of Saudi if anyone is out this way or knows of any model shops or clubs this way droprop me an e-mail.



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