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Date: 10-Aug-2006
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My Bush Devil had to let the tyres go for the King Cab´s asphalt drive. Wouldnt wanna ruin whats left of the knobs on those tyres. Kind of liked the looks of those pink tyres on the KC actually! Anyway, driving over the rough asphalt was a breeze with the KC. Same drive with the Bush Devil is ALOT more bouncy. The long stroke oildampers really smooth out the bumps, as they use to say in the Tamiya commercials! Actually, it´s hard to get the wheels of the ground at all. And it´s very stable in the corners.

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Very clear video that you take. Nice shot.



great quality on the video. It sounded like your gears were slipping a bit towards the end.



Thanks alot MB190E and Glodsta! It´s actually shot with my Nokia6280 phone. The quality is very good for a phonecamera. And yes, i have had (major)problems with the diff. If it doesent get any worse than now, im happy!



Thanks for posting this video! My first time seeing the King Cab in motion. Looks awesome! Nice tires too!

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