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Date: 19-May-2007
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A new toy up for testing :)

This is a small digital cam, especially intended for RC use

Check for more info about it is where i got mine from

Main advantage over the wireless counterparts, no 'out of range'

And, actually very quick with capturing ( 25fps ) , only audio can be a bit out of sync

Took you guys for a quick round the back garden & up on the street

Movie is original Leopard audio only . no editing

Tamiyaclub server broke down, here is the Google url:

Sorry, this is a Flash movie. - You don't have flash installed.




Fantastic model, love the Tank- cam!- are those things loud?- how do they get the deep tank sounds from a small speaker inside i wonder?- looks awesome anyway



Hey, thanks, the tanks are very loud, even with low volume it still overloads the microphone! They have a nice design of a speaker housing that does a lot of bass-effect to the running sounds.



Hi Stefan, I take it that you followed the Tank into the street? The thought crossed my mind that if you sent it out on it's own someone might just pick up the Leo and run off... Mind you, you would have their face recorded on the screen! lol! Great clip, I noticed the revs going up towards the end!

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