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Date: 14-Oct-2007
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We bought this rough looking blackfoot this morning. It doesn't look good, but i have faith in vintage tamiya engineering! So, a few new ball bearings and the pin through the diff assembly was all that was needed to make this £15 truck a runner once again! I wonder when it was last used? From the layers of dust on the chassis, i'd say a very long time ago! But, there is lots of life left in this truck, and it'll get totally stripped and restored soon i hope. Sorry about the quality of the movie - i've only got my digital camera working for movies at the moment.

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man i absalutely love that truck! id keep it as it is lol


Recently found a mint condition monster beetle whith old m class futaba gear for three quid! At the boot sale You can realy find some gems if you know what to look for. Danny, cardiff.



Sounds like a great find

Old Skool


Great video just goes to show you that a Tamiya is better then a Timex anyday, They take more of a licking and they do more kicking.

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