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Date: 22-Jan-2008
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Since creating this unique car many have asked what it runs like? well here it is, I was doing the filming while Richard Brooker (Flat4driver) was at the controls, admittedly he wasn't driving it flat out, but I can say that its grips very well in turns and has little if any under/oversteer issues, it does tend to lift the inside rear wheel on high speed turns though, but then this is a work in progress and further tinkering is required, the car was running with a Tamiya Sport Tuned motor & 24T pinion, so plenty of room for improvement there ;) and unfortunatly I've completely runied the SG Coyote body and have butchered it even further still its needs quite a bit of work to get that Unique look ;)

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Mad Ax


Awesome stuff! A truly inspired project. And I was just thinking to myself 'what is this tune..?' when I remembered- wasn't it the theme to the Racoons? I used to watch that show just for the theme tune!!



that seemed to go rather well would be nice to see her off-road next time maybe? By the way, who is the song by?... they used to play it on an old cartoon if i remember and i gotta know who did it!



i found out the tunes called 'run with us' by lisa lougheed, there is actually a racoons sound track with that song on it!



Seems to work quite well. The real test would be off road it does seem to go and handle well.

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