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Date: 6-Mar-2009
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At the end of the week of snow everything was frozen solid in my garden. So I took my shelf queen Pajero re-re for a nice clean run. I think I need to buy another one to use as a runner. Hope you like it. There is sound but it only gets going around the 2.5 minutes into the movie.

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Great color on your pajero. looks so good driving around on the snow.


The video is really amazing, you drive like a real 1:1, very gently...this is good! The music is very impressive..what music is that? It seems something like Brian Eno to my ears..



Tiziano - music is We Close Our Eyes by British Sea Power. Thanks for comments. I tried to make it look as real as possible but it was difficult as I was doing throttle with left hand, steering with tongue and filming with my right hand. I couldn't persuade anyone to film in the cold that day.



This music really has hurted me! You have to listen to Enigma. Listen the 'le roi est mort vive le roi' and 'a posteriori' albums and let me know

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