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Date: 16-Feb-2013
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This is just a short video of my current progress on my Pantera. I want to upgrade the car with custom made brake and headlights, including a pop-up headlight system. I hand soldered (got the wiring diagram off the net, total cost in parts was about $8) a picoswitch so I can turn this off and on with the 3rd rc channel. This uses a micro servo from hobbyking and a simple brass sleeve for the hinge, that joins the two headlight covers together. I am overall pretty happy with it, its smooth enough and the lights sit flush when closed. My only problem is how I mounted the hinge for the lights, its glued to the back of the paint on the body. This off course has affected the paint a little and I will need to look for a better solution. So any ideas I am all ears!


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Fantastic idea and realization

Road Burner


Wow! That looks great Yogi! I plan to add some details that require attaching parts to the inside of the body, too. I tried to back the paint with heavy coats of black to reduce translucency, maybe that will work? Here I thought I had some challenges on my Pantera build and then I see this-Awesome!



Thanks neobrunox and Road Burner.

Road Burner heavy coats of black paint might work. I think I might have to seal areas with either a lacquer or maybe a flexible sealant first though. Worst case for me would be to paint the outside instead. What upgrades/parts are you attaching to the insides? And thanks for the tip on HPI tires/rims too, the Pantera will look much better with a set of fats on the back. Still gotta find some though.

Road Burner


Hi yogi-bear! I used heavy coats of black and painted the black on the outside too! I have studied the only two known photos of the #43 Le Mans 1975 to get ideas from. There are a ton of details to be added that require mounting to the body in some way - an interior with firewall, engine with black intake cover, fuel tank and filler tubes, roll cage, driver, front fog-lights and brackets, body panel latches, wipers, 'handle' near blue triangle battery sticker (I don't know what that is), light buckets, mirrors, red/green lights on roof, sun-screens/rear-view mirror, exhaust, side lights, etc.! It's a long list and I don't know how far I will go. I also need to attach magnets securely to the inside with glue to mount the body. What glue are you using? I have epoxy and shoe goo, prolly use the epoxy. I will try and increase the load area with something like mesh screen for high stress inner body attachments - I'm weary of see-through but think I've backed with enough black (fingers crossed)! Yeah I think HPI is still your best bet on wheels and then obligatory tire combo, given their design. You should be able to find some on ebay. Their zig-zag vintage tire design is kinda funky, hopefully you can find that fat rear tire I know you're after! I'm on the hunt for some AE RC-10 DS rubber tires - the only ones that will fit my rims other than foams. I was thinking maybe new foams trued to a matching scale shape, the Pantera rear tires seem particularly big. Good luck, looks great so far I can't wait to see what you do next! - Jim

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