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Date: 1-Feb-2014
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another run at Thornside, this time with some casualties. I'd decided to custom make a new bumper bar for my sand scorcher. Turns out it wasn't the best design!




Doh!!!!!!!!!! Scorcher pain! That bumper was not very good I am sorry to say!

But wicked vid

and you have made me a lot more respectful of the sonic fighter for sure

Tamiya Monkey


Epic collection of runners, really enjoyed watching, shame about the scorcher.



yeah, that bumper wasn't too good! Overall the damage wasn't too bad and it was the nose cone that copped most of the impact. I'm working on a better bumper! Stay tuned for me, we seem to get out there every month or 2.

SRB Bloke


Great video..... kids on bikes and RC normally create lots of problems
Looking forward to the next one.



agreed SRB Bloke. Unfortunately we usually go on a Sunday and I will normally have the kids with me. It was my daughter who ran over one of my mates cars, so that wasn't too good! I have a car for them to drive, but they are only mildly interested.

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