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Date: 29-Oct-2015
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another video from our run at Boondall. This one has the Fox and Nissan King Cab. Watching the Fox go around made me wish I had brought mine!




Love it! It's amazing the King Cabs are so stable. I can only imagine trying to run around that track with a Blackfoot. =)



King Cab is a great car, Tamiya should re release it but I don't believe they will do it due the transmission problems.



King Cab was one of the first models I got after setting up Tamiyaclub. Found a NIB body set dirt cheap at a time they were as rare as hens teeth.



Hey Chris - speaking of the tranny mentioned by Max below, do you run yours (King Ca? Ever had transmission problems? I get the sense that you can't run them at all without eventually having the transmission implode.



Awesome vid and fun looking track !!!

Crash Cramer


I would so love to find a track like this one. Just look at the way the Fox absorbs all the bumps and such and just looks like it is gliding down the track. I have to put mine back together. Hey BEEF, it isn't that it would implode, it is just a matter of listening to the gears and noticing when it doesn't sound 'right' The geartrain on the MadCap, Astute was the same, but you add the heft of the tires and wheelbase and the way you would run a truck and well, there you have it. If you want to run them, find a Super Astute TTC to transplant into it or a Thorp setup, whichever costs you a kidney for it.

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