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Date: 16-Nov-2018
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Tamiya TT01E RAFFLE RC CARS Porsche 911 GT3 BMW M3 GT2. In January 2015 I was asked to build 4 RC cars with company livery to be given away in a raffle at a trade show. Here is the build video.

I had only 2 weeks time to order them and to build them. Luckily RC dealer Tamico.de was able to deliver everything needed in only a couple of days. So I ordered 4 cars, 2 TT01E with the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 07 body and 2 TT01E with the BMW M3 GT2. Also ordered all the electronics for it, so that it was RTR.

Then it was a mather of setting up a small production line to build them simultaneously. A friend of mine build 2 TT01Es and I build the other 2. And I painted all the bodies and applied company decals on them and uild the electronics in the cars. We supplied the cars with the original box and all the original decals.

The build was done in time and the raffle was a big hit. A lot of visitors came by to win one of these Tamiya cars. Pitty I could not enjoy the cars for too long, but seeing them all together was a pretty site. So enjoy the video and this special project.

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