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Date: 4-May-2019
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TAMIYA FIGHTING BUGGY 2014 LIMITED EDITION BUILD (ReRelease Tamiya Super Champ 1982) #84389. Build of the Tamiya Fighting 2014 Buggy which is based on the Super Champ from 1982. The Tamiya Super Champ was my first ever RC car. In 2014 Tamiya introduced the Fighting Buggy, a rerelease of the legendary Tamiya Super Champ celebrating 30 plus years after it originally made its debut in hobby stores.

As I have such good memories of my Super Champ riding along with my brothers Tamiya Wild Willy M38, I ordered the 2014 Fighting Buggy as soon as it was available. Taking me back over 30 years when I was just a 14 year old teenager enjoying my Super Champ every day.
The Fighting Buggy was originally exported as the Super Champ in 1982 across the globe and back than only sold in Japan under the name Fighting Buggy. In the rest of the world it was known as Super Champ.

For a limited time only, during 2014, Tamiya brought us the rerelease version in kit vorm under the name Fighting Buggy. Back than this was something else, with a monoshock rear suspension on his SRB chassis. While the 2014 version has some tweaks and upgrades, Tamiya's designers made sure to retain the drivability, appearance and characteristics of the original.




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