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Date: 8-Jul-2020
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Reason for modifying the grasshopper to trailing arm, was not only better performance, but mainly to gain more scale looking, where trailing arm or swing arm was the traditional 80's buggy setup.
One other important reason was that the original axle fixed gearbox setup was not good for off-road since the ground clearance was not so good, compared to other 80's buggies.
By implementing new trailing arm, yes hopper was much better running especially in beach sands! However as time moves, I wanted to lift it a little more to make it even more capable for sands....because I will bring the buggy to sands this summer:-)
The video shows how I lifted the rear suspension by changing the drive shaft and damper.
Result is not fully satisfactory yet, spring is way too hard , I will update with better spring in next video soon




That is a great little addition you made there.

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