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Date: 5-Oct-2020
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Hey folks,
This is a particularly special to me custom RC truck build. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, there were few toy grade RC trucks for kids as awesome as the TYCO 9.6V Turbo Bandit!  The commercial for those super cool pickups left any kid who watched it drooling in admiration and desire...

...Being one of those kids myself back then, I had a blast with that toy and have many fond memories playing with them with family and friends.That warm nostalgic remembrance is what inspired me to build a full hobby grade TYCO Bandit Tribute Nissan 4WD pickup in 1/10 scale and it turned out quite amazing I think!

Chassis: 2012 re-release of the 1985 Tamiya SuperShot/Super Hotshot
Body: Tamiya King Cab Nissan Pickup  Radio Gear: 2.4Ghz FlySky FS-GT2E with HobbyWing QuicRun 1060 ESC
Battery: 5000Mah 2S Lipo

Full TRBRC rubber sealed ball bearings  
Pargu1 polished aluminum alloy wheels
Atomik all aluminum alloy oil filled shocks
Sense ESS One sound simulator 
LED headlights and bumper lights
Enjoy some modern performance dirt thrashing in totally rad 80s style folks! :-)

Get Tamiya Super Hotshot:

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