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Date: 30-Jan-2021
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Now my work is finished, as I write in the restore showroom it was a lot work, to put off the old painting and cleaning it with CARSON PAINT KILLER and acetone free mail polisher.

Today I put on the last decals and put on a little more which I have laying around since years. The decals I bought from eBay are not the best, since they are very old, I used my hair dryer to make them smooth and elastic, but they won't work like I want them, so I tried to do my best, for me it's okay since they are old.

I scan them and ordered a copy at RCdecals, especially the from 33 is not like I want it, but maybe the copy is elastic and smooth.

So at the and I added a little more decals to hide some little breaks and edges at the body and it come out great for me.

Hope you enjoy the restored DATSUN 280 ZX :)

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