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Date: 4-Nov-2023
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The Top-Force is Tamiya's 100th Commemorative R/C Car in 1991. Then it was re-released in 2005 & 2017. It carried on from the Avante series of cars with it's distinctive futuristic single sweep line body. It introduced Tamiya's Star Dish Wheels that are still common today. It replaced the DF01 plastic bathtub chassis with a double deck Fibre Glass Reinforced (FRP) chassis. The differential gears & shaft driven 4WD is efficient but is limited in gearing & lacks a slipper clutch compared to modern buggies. This iconic buggy culminated with the Top-Force Evolution with every hop-up imaginable for this chassis.

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Additional Information:
Model: Tamiya Top-Force
1st Release Item#: 58100
Re-release Item#: 58362 (2005) & 47350 (2017)

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