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Date: 3-Jul-2005
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this is the 2nd movie i have made of my pajero, and this one's a bit random . i drove the pajero round my grandma's garden and taped the big old camera (my DV cam is not back from france yet) to the chassis to get some good shots. my sister did some of the filming and driving. not bad eh. watch the movie twice, you will miss some things the first time. hope you like it.

don't forget, if you really like any of my movies, i can supply them on VCD!

UPDATE: hi-res working now (fingers crossed!)

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lol, enjoyed that. Also nice to see that I'm not the only one leaving battery cables dangling from the side of my truck



Put the battery lead in!! Like the Motorhead soundtrack!!



i leave it out because i have no switch. saves the battery

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