Is it possible to build an f103 chassis completely from hop-up options?
Tamiya UK

I have one just like it that I used to race but when the F201 came along, they outlawed me because it was faster and handled better than the the new cars! The only difference that I can see in the two cars is the full FRP top plate on yours instead of the carbon fiber top plate on mine. I used Tamiya 'A' belted slicks, the soft T-Plate and the medium springs in the front. Two hole piston on a Rose shock with 30 weight silicon and a red spring. The rear defuser makes a huge difference on the straits and in fast sweepers in respect to keeping the back end planted. I ran it with a Tamiya type 'M' body set, perfect balance! After they outlawed me, I put a new graphite chassis plate under the car and a brand new Tamiya Mclaren Mercedes bodyset on it with type B slicks and silver painted wheels. It's sitting on my shelf. I am running a fully hopped up (Tamiya options only) F201 now but it's not the same! The car is a slug compared to my F103! Maybe they will bring this car back someday, a well set up one would smoke on carpet as well as groomed asphalt. Beautiful car, don't sell it!