Super 10 nitro chassis

You have got the holy grail of the Super 10 nitro chassis there - I believe that is either from the Repsol version of the Lancia Delta Integrale or possibly a BMW M3. This chassis evolved from the belt-driven chassis that first appeared on the RS200 and Peugeot 405 T16. The belt drive system was a weak point, so when Kyosho brought out the original Inferno 10 buggy they resdesigned it so that the driveshaft was in the centre of the chassis to get rid of the belts. The entire centre section of the chassis was then offered as an upgrade for the older belt-drive chassis, and was then used as the basis for the Lancia and BMW kits. Howeer, the nitro 4WD racing class the Inferno 10 was intended for was a failure so Kyosho discontinued it and the other kits it was used for. It wasn't available for very long though, so spares are hard to find

1/20 kyosho? little sport

I think the red and white body is supposed to be a Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbo Grp5. I'm not 100% sure, but I think Parma may have made 1/18th scale cars in the early 80s, and that might be where the wider shells are from?

Akm 22000 rpm motor ak-523/5 not bad for £2.00

AKM motors used to be sold by Maplin, back when they still did proper RC stuff. I have an AKM stock motor in the Raider in my showroom - I think I still have the leaflet that came with it that had the specs of all the motors in the range. I'll dig it out and see if your motor is on there if you want?

Mystery gm racing motor

I've had the endbell off (and it will probably never work again!), and the armature is marked as 18T, with 3 windings. Any ideas?

Centurion monster truck (sold)

Isn't the tie wrap supposed to be the supercharger restraint strap? It's a safety feature they use on cars with blown engines like monster trucks, top fuel and funny car dragsters etc so that when the engine goes pop, the blower doesn't get fired upwards like a mortar!

Super-detailed lancia 037

It's gone 'under the radar' I guess! Maybe it will come up on the 'Spotlight' one day.

Super-detailed lancia 037

Yes, that was me - finding fault with Tamiyas paint instructions shows how picky I am!

Super-detailed lancia 037

Cheers Dee, your cars are pretty cool too! The Humvee is going to be quite a piece of work.

Ford rs200 rallycross replica

Cheers! Pat carried on with it for another season with Hydrex sponsorship, then changed to an Escort WRC to devlop the engine and drivetrain for his current Fiesta ST. The RS200 went into storage, and was recenty sold to George Tracey, who has run it a couple of times this season I believe, though he has plans to restore it and possibly take it to Pikes Peak.

Detailed kamtec 'series' land rover swb

Yes, I still check on Kamtec every so often to see what new shells Keith is making. The wheels are from the BMW M3, with Carson XC-style tyres.

Kyosho lazer zx-sport, now sold to france

IT looks like a Kyosho Lazer ZX Sport, but with a 3rd party (possibly homemade?) FRP lower chassis. The ZX-R version had the same body, but came with FRP shock towers, upper and lower chassis (with saddle pack slots) and gold shocks.

Nitro ta02 conversion kit

I have a CEN GX1 nitro chassis - is is exactly the same as this conversion kit. I assume CEN either made them for Thunder Tiger, or bought/copied the design. If you can find a CEN GX1 in a shop or on ebay, it's probably a much cheaper way of doing this conversion than trying to find one of the rare Thunder Tiger kits.

Nitro ta02 conversion kit

I've got round to putting pictures in my showroom of my CEN GX1 - you can see the similarity for yourself!

Kyosho something
Monte Carlo

It's a Kyosho Sideways sprint car - an Ultima with bigger wheels and a dirt-oval style sprint car cage, body and roof wing (which are missing on yours, unfortunately). They are pretty rare - nice find!

Kyosho ms. wheelie, soarer gt, sold

Thats one of the original 'Wheelie Series' cars from the beginning of the 80s. It also came as a Mini Cooper, Datsun 240Z and a VW Beetle (and maybe others). The later ones used the same concept, but had a new chassis (available in both EP and GP versions) and new selection of bodies.

Kyosho ms. wheelie, soarer gt, sold

Ah yes, sorry - I didn't read the description properly (the old 1/10th ones had foam tyres too, I should have noticed that yours doesn't). There is another Miss Wheelie in aatnaked's showroom, but with an RX7 body - still not something you see every day!. With these and the 1/20th Ultima, Kyosho were 20 years ahead of the market.

1 or 2 rs200

Nice - I have a couple of these (and it's brother the Peugeot 405). New shells are *very* hard to come by - I haven't seen one on Ebay for quite a while (I got one about 2 years ago and haven't seen another since). Australia used to be a source, but even that's dried up now. Same story for the tyres I'm afraid, but I managed to get a decal sheet recently from Kyosho France via Time Tunnel, and a set of Kyosho rally block tyres. Another alternative for tyres are the original Schumacher C.A.T. ones if you wear the spikes down on them!

Kyosho atv quad rider ev - now sold

I've got one one these too - they are great fun! Try to go easy with it though, as very few spares exist. I think you have got his boots on the wrong feet though...

Crazy big tank. for free!!

21st Century toys make the 'Ultimate Soldier' brand of 1/6th scale GI Joe/Action Man style figures and vehicles (including a 1/6th scale RC Stuart light tank). They also now do a 1/18th scale line of vehicles and figures. This is part of a 1/9th scale series of RC tanks they did 4 or 5 years ago, but they weren't very successful due to their odd scale (they also do the 1/18th scale 'Forces Of Valor' figues and vehicles too)

There is a guy who had made some modifications to his for better running and upgrading the RC system:

White, red, dark blue, blue - best colors

There would be another relatively easy one you could add to your collection - a replica of Gianfranco Cunico's Martini Escort Cosworth or WRC that Jolly Club ran in the Italian Rally Championships.

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