Very tidy looking Scorchers, excellent contrast between the satin black and chrome.
What paint or material did you use to create the chrome effect body line?

Sand scorcher
Jak Rizzo

I love the shortened chassis, it makes the buggy look more ‘podgy’, which is how the car looks on front of the box and how I remember it as a kid.
I know someone requested this earlier, but any chance of some chassis pics please? Even better… a ‘how to’ on making a shorter chassis for us mere mortals..
Cheers, Paul


Silver super champ

Looks great in silver, especially with the wheels... nice one.

Finally got myself a wild willy...!!!
Frank Lux

Hey Frank,
I'll post it tomorrow as The Post Office is closed for Presidents Day today. Glad you are happy with the purchase amount too.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
Cheers, Paul

Future projects
pcw 064

That is an incredible line up!
And they already look to be in very good ( great!) shape..


Hotshot (rere) : candy edition
bad andy

This is awesome. I might have to get a new body set just so I can replicate this translucent paint job ( if you don't mind!)
NICE ONE. Love your Hornet too

White super champ

really shaping up very nicely... I am experiencing a new found love of the Super Champ !

Trackmaster frog - nicely hopped up vintage model.

cheers fellas, the chap who owned it before me adapted the bumper from a CRP one to make it shorter and more in keeping with rest of the car.

Monoshock scorcher cage

Love it! I've just been looking at one of my old CRP cages, wishing it was more like this.. the whole set up looks simply wicked.
Well Done!


Monoshock scorcher cage

Similar to this from CRP....?

Crazy that you made this yourself, although owning a few of your shiny hop ups I'm not surprised.... this what the people want for their SRB's!


Hobao nitro 4wd bug..

Love it! Looks like a lot of fun!

Custom rough rider

I agree with everyone else, this looks killer. I especially like the vented rear cover and I personally love the camber angle on these!
Great photography too.
More motivation for me to finish my Rough Rider...only been a couple of years now!

Modified rough rider

Love the body mods... very brave and turned out smashing!

Rare losi big boys toys sprint car

I'm not usually drawn to the Sprint Cars... each to their own... but you have done a terrific job on this one and it looks superb. Love the rear cage and back of the car generally.


New sand blaster's for the front
SRB Bloke

Absolutely superb. These look fantastic and you make it sounds pretty easy! I'm concerned about my apparent inability to cut in a perfectly straight line though! Well done on these!

Super champ pretty much box art

Very nice and tidy looking. love it.
These have grown on me big time, and now I need one!

Clod in snow

I've never really looked twice at the Clod but these shots are making me want one! I live in the snow in Chicago and this looks like great fun to me! Great pics.

Street scorcher
Real Wild One

I am a huge fan of the Street Scorcher look and this is a spectacular example! Straight to my favourites ( Miga's and Sayroll's are there too!). Excellent photography too. Well done!


Parma baja champ

haha! love the sticker on the bottom of chassis!

New stinger exhaust for the baja
SRB Bloke

Looks excellent Steve, well done again.
more inspiration for me to get cracking and actually finish a project!
What shocks did you settle on?

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