Wild wendy - limited edition by tamiyaclubs very own matt hicks

Welcome, Wendy! You have a colleague: See the passenger of my Wild Willy...

Black hornet

Why not ? 'Black is beautiful'...and fits this model. Have you seen MAD MAX ?

Desert version...

Thanks. I simply brushed a mix of Humbrol Matt Cote and touches of flat yellow (Humbrol 71) and Tamiya X-24

Wild willy' s 'cousin'

Good idea ! See below...

The graal

Yes, Crash Cramer. The rims are simply painted chrome silver (Humbrol 11). More pics will be soon available on my TC album.

How to make a horizontal grill for your humvee.

Wow ! 'Chapeau', as we say in french...

Remove ts paint from a lexan body

Hi, coleagues. I recently tested brake fluid on a Frog body I got with the lower part of windshield painted. (A frequent error due to the median fold on it, wich is taken for a paint limit.) This solution works. 3 or 4 careful applications were necessary, using a semi-hard brush, to steep the paint. But then it was easy to wipe it off. The most important thing is to wash IMMEDIATELY after, with warm water and soap. So, the brake fluid has simply no time enough to make the lexan brittle. This Froggy will be soon added in my showroom...


Your sight is sharp, Beetle Lover, but there are no nuts: Just a short rubber tube glued on each shaft and having a flat zone on its circumference, where I applied a punch-made confetti of white Scotchlite reflecting tape. This makes the shafts more visible, and tells from very far away if they rotate or not. But mainly, this allows fun luminous effects when the car runs in the dark, by catching the smallest part of light as a cat's eye do. By the way: I also use this white Scotchlite tape to make stickers like 'Follow-me...if you can !', for example. (The Devil is in the details.)


You're right, Crash Cramer. The front tyres are similar to Oval Block rear ones, excepted their width.
I dunno exactly where they come from. I had the car with a front wheel missing, so I exhumed these complete wheels from the deepest levels of my biggest vintage parts box...wich is labelled 'unidentified' (but presumed tamiya).


My first 4x4

Yes, Crash Cramer. If I remember, rims are kyosho. Found in a local store, many years ago. Originally blue.

How to make miniature kit box
the green beetle

This luminous idea has something 'ZEN' in its simplicity . Many thanks for it. I'll made some of these 'microboxes' for my models...