One for the kids? .. or one for me?....

Thanks for the great comments

I am very lucky that both my girls actively enjoy the hobby with me.
The Lathe motor works really well. It goes about at fast as she can run and the battery lasts for ever, so even with me driving she still has fun playing 'Tag' with the Lunchbox.

If you dont have a Lunchbox, get one now. (Kids are optional and not required to enjoy this model!)

Came from uk....

Great pics and the car looks fantastic. More pics please! Those wheels and tyres really make a difference, what are they?

Why do i take so long over my cars?

Thanks, I think the body is a vauxhall colour, cant remember which, but I couldnt find it to spray the front panel. So I used some Halfords filler primer i had lying around, which turned out pretty much the same colour !! If I had known I would have just used the primer in the first place and saved my money ! LOL
@ Scollins - Dont thank me for buying the interiors, thank YOU for making them. I will try and do it justice.

Now good enough to be a runner

Thanks for great comments

@ Vin87 - First saw the wheel/tyre combo on one of Ryanbored's scale projects and had to have them. The battery just sits between the chassis rails under the rear bed sitting on the cross members. Simply held in with a velcro strap. I do have to take the body off to change the battery, but so far I've only crawled so slow I still havent got through a whole 2200 nicad in one go yet!

Some more picks from my local fishing lakes

Thanks everyone,

Its the F350 interior from fellow TC member Scollins, check out his trade room. From the States, but takes paypal and no worries with shipping. Only real 'mod' to make it fit the Hilux is to remove the rear window from the Scollins glass. I've just ordered another.

Tyres are RC4WD Rock Crushers (so are 'Tires') and were inspired by seeing one of Ryanbored's projects (The Hilux was from Ryanbored, cheers mate. Something like this is never finished though!!)


How it is under the body

Excellent !
Did you make the conversion to raise the gearbox, or is it available as a kit ?

Just got this from the tip!! for £1 happy, happy, happy!!

Brilliant !!! Thats how I got my Ranger. Makes the car that bit more special I reckon. Another rescued car. Well done.

Competition entry
Sad Sammy

Oh yes! How I wish I could go back to this. Look at the car in the background!
This is so cool.

Now built
HornetRacer 1971

You will enjoy this one :)

If your going to run a 15 turn I would definitely recommend oil shocks and tyre inserts.

(Goes without saying its ballraced ?)

Well done :)