Come together @ home

Having too many cars for the shelf is a big problem, but I suppose it's a good kinda problem to have.

Tamiya vintage 3-speed truck collection

Hi. If you ever want to put one of your Family members up for adoption, please email me. Looks like you have a nice family there. Thank you!

Bought from bibbo. the perfect ranger!

The only way this Truck could look any better is if it was on display in my home instead of yours!!!!!
by Superchampjohn

Bruiser cab repair i did for tc member superchampjohn

Hi all. It sounds like there was a lot involved in this process, and since I am the proud owner and VERY PLEASED recipient of this awesome repair work, I have to say I consider myself to be a very lucky person, to have been a part of this. I just hope that I can do justice to the rest of the restoration on my Bruiser. I think the paint job turned out reasonably well- the repair is virtually undetectable, and if I can get the chassis cleaned up enough, I think it should end up looking great overall. (see my showroom: TC ID is Superchampjohn). I am still looking for a 4 channel radio, that MUST be on 27Mhz or 75Mhz. I would prefer a Futaba 4VWD, but if anyone can help me out with a complete (servos not important), working 4 channel transmitter & receiver, I'd appreciate it a lot.
As far a me being a good driver, well, just come to Winnipeg and get on the Transit Bus I drive everyday, and you can judge for yourself.. lol

Rc10 sandrail tube buggy

Wow, that looks awesome. I wish I had the skill/ability/knowledge to build something like this...

It finally arrived at my local hobby shop

Reply to Mongoose1983: I tried to fit a rear Hub from a Blackfoot on the axle from this Truck, and I have to tell you that it does not fit. The Toyota Axles are not long enough. If anyone out there knows of a Tamiya Axle that would work to accomplish installing Blackfoot rear wheels & tires on the Hilux, please let us know. Thanks!

Toyota hilux highlift,new in box.part1-chassis

Okay, so now get 'moving', and finish that off so you can get to the fun stuff. You'll enjoy building this one, I know from personal experience that building this kit is way more fun than moving could ever be.....

It finally arrived at my local hobby shop

Reply to mongoose1983: I used the Wild Willy rear wheels/tires. They are not the same as the Pumpkin wheels. The Pumpkin wheels use a Hub that is similar to the Blackfoot, so they won't work on this new Hilux Axle.

On the road again :-)

You've done a great job on both Trucks. They look awesome.

Srb foursome

Nice lookin' family. If you ever want to give up one family member for adoption, let me know.......

Most of my tamtech collection

I second Smoke-Dog's Wow.....

Kyosho corner

If I come to your place and I misbehave, you can send me to the Kyosho corner anytime....

Rocket power!!!

@ Petrolhead: Well, for the first few feet it really moved, and then it just rolled to a slow stop. I had removed the electric motor, ESC, 7.2 volt battery, and just had a steering servo powered by 4 AA batteries. I wanted to make it as light as possible. Next time I will also remove the front bumper and will use a bigger Rocket Engine.......

My latest 2.2 class crawler twister 2

Now that's a 'Scorcher' of a crawler........

Zerda (now sold)

Very nice car you've got there. Your story makes me want to fight my way through my storage closet, dust off my Hirobo Tomcat, and have some fun with it. I've always wanted to get my hands on a Zerda as well. Maybe someday............

Cars that i have sold- part 5

Hey, Scollins. I see you've sold the Big Bear. That Truck is certainly getting a lot of 'travel time'. I bought it almost 1000 miles from home, sold it to you (over 1000 miles), you sent it to another TC member, they sent it back to you, and now you sold it. Well, at least a lot of people are enjoying it.


The tomcat was my first RC Car. I still have that original one, plus a few more that I've acquired over the years, to make sure I have parts for it. I also have a NIB Tomcat, that will stay NIB for as long as i have it... :-)

New brighton beach on a cold december afternoon

Looks like this day was a lot of fun. The fourth pic brought back some memories for me, because many years ago, I lost a Hirobo Tomcat due to similiar circumstances :-(.
It looked quite spectacular as it went up in flames, but I didn't get any pics of it in flames, and there was not enough left of the car to take any good pics of the remains........ Hopefully you had better luck with this car, and were able to save it.

Simply lowering the hilux

I just finished lowering my Hilux with this method, and I must agree, it looks much better now. Thanks for the very helpful Tips. This kind of Info is what makes this site so great. Lets keep the ideas coming!!

Who needs rc's for christmas when you have....

This looks like it will be a fun project for many years. Congrats! It looks like he's saying ' I want my first RC Car to be this big' Lol

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