Going all out 'sold'

Hi, i have a mamba max 5700 brushless system in my stock top force, tried it with a 17t pinion and the esc programmed to low timing, high traction controll and low start power and running a 3900gp nimh battery. And it was really fast, don't have much to compare with as i have litle experience with low turn brushed, but i think it would outrun most of them. And there is still a huge potential for more speed with different gearing, programming and batteries. The only problem is that the driveline can't handle the power, usually the diff, splines in the preassure plates or the gears wear out before the pack is emty :P

Skyline r34 gtr (calsonic)

Wow! Thats one mean looking Skyline. Awesome :) Very impressed by all the great looking large-scale cars in your showroom.

Kyosho outrage

Perfect! Looks brand new. Only thing too point at here is the torque tuned motor :p This was my first rc car and i keep checking ebay from time to time to see if i can find a NIB one.

K. outrage

My first real RC car. Seem to be a good supply of chassis parts still, wheels and tires are more rare though :/ Still trying to find a complete NIB one :D