Renault woody

Many thanx for the interesting !
But the recognizing was not too easy, because the carpets colour was light brown (not a nice mice gray as in the picture...), and the car absolutely lost in the far sectors :-) After the first practices, (and the first some hundreds accidents) I changed the body for a bright orange...
But later I won the Beaty Contest first price in the FWD category :-)
Timber Sponsors ?! What a great idea ! This afternoon I immediately looking for My friend in the Hungarian Stihl HQ !

Sold - tamiya style

I have a close to same Toyota, but thats condition is not so shiny...
And the left rear wheel hub is broked. Perhaps You have a spare ? ;-)

The old competitor

Outside paint job ? Never !
It's made inside, of course :-)

2011 tamiya euro cup body art winner
my name is nobody

Nice job Bal√°zs :-)