Full carbon dyna storm

L O N G time since I saw that chassis last time ! Back in the 90's before Tamiya decided to get their TRF-Team into the serious touring-car racing scene, they had a buggy-team competing at national, european and world championships with their Astute and DynaStorm in 2wd and in 4wd with the TopForce and a prototype beltdriven 4wd car. A friend, and former team-mate of mine, called Johnny Pedersen, was a Danish TRF-driver back then, and he actually designed that chassis and had it made at fibre-lyte. Fun to see they still excist ! Tamiya also produced a limited number of modified Dynastorms for their team-drivers, and they had a lot of modifications, whith the most noticable I can remember was much shorter suspension-arms which made the car much faster on smooth-not-so-bumpy tracks. My friend still has his car....think I will try an pursuade him into posting some pictures here if people are intrested :-)

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Gooood looking :-)

Trf 211x

Hi Evoman, actually it's the other way around. The car I can find in bcollections showroom is the car 'between' the Super Astute and the Dynastorm, as it is the prototype of the Dynastorm. The car here is the car between the Dynastorm and the... well...the 2wd top-buggy that Tamiya never released back then :-)

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Thx for your comments ! Ian, I will try and get some more pictures of each car soon :-)

Suzuki racing

Thx mate :-)

Trf 211x

Hi Henrik,
I can't remember that it was exactly 60 made, but I know that it was a very limited production, so 60 could be right.
He was (and still are) called Pedersen, and yes he worked at Dansk Hobby :-)

Schumacher?? something?

Never actually had one of these, since i've always raced Tamiya's, but im pretty sure it's a Schumacher Axis II (maybe Axis I), and if im correct on this, then the car dates back to 1999-2000. Schumacher cars have aleays been high quality and well-engineered, and I think you can find exploded drawings and maybe even a manual and spares at their website www.racing-cars.com.


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Great idea...This is simply COOl in my opinion !