Teu-103bk for my super clod

I fitted one to the Clod in my showroom. Never tried it without one so I don't know if its an improvement but they work briliant. Mine is standard apart from ball bearings and the esc and mine wheelies and the batterys last amost as long as my mud blaster which has a 101 in it

Gotta love this one!

if thats not the right post it might also be a mud blaster on which is shorter than a blackfoot but longer than the bug

Monster jam!

I really love it mate I remember getting up at the crack of dawn when I was 6 or 7 to whatch the grave digger in action your looks brill. I wanted to do the same for a while got to save for the txt first

Two more off roaders
Silver Rose

I bidded on them to hope you have fun


Day out in the woods in mud and snow

Looks good fun I live close to norwich will have to try it out just out of interest do you use a local model around here

Clod buster doing its thing

Good clodding I brought a super clod not long ago and I am trying to make it look like the first chevy. I added a tamiya teu-103bk speed controller easy to set up make battery last longer and the clod quicker stella are well priced even with shipping

Clodbuster action shots

That fantasic the best clod I seen thats not in red. I know what you mean about lovin this car there is no good reason for it but out off all my trucks its the first one off the shelf when it comes to play time

Found some old photos of my blitzer

I was trying very hard the other day to remember what that model shop was called spent ages in that shop with little in my pockets so never really brought any thing then I would stroll round the corner to beatties and dream in there a little more. Also there should be agaist the law to throw tamiyas away dead or alive I wish I could have back what I ve binned or given away. Well live and learn i guess. Nice car bet it brings a tear to the eye

Paid less than a re re and its brand new! now sold

runner no fun in a shelfie

Carboot find now traded with andersop

yeah all pastic parts low heat thou I haven't wrecked any thing yet

My first pajero
Corpse Thrower

Pink never seen one like it yet or maybe there is a reason for that? nahhh!!! I vote Pink

Fa13 michele alboreto

Super job I have a real thing for F1 cars at the moment where did you get the body kit what tyres are they


nice one did you get it off ebay user tp1992003

New era clod
Road Burner

100% fantastic