Fun in the sunset

Nice Tamiya Hilux Looks great bit iffy taking her in salt water was she bagged up for the water ?,,,how did you shear the heads off ? Did you use the Bullbar to tow/pull something ? I luv the Hog heaven decals and the colour is excellent nice job

Ogmore on sea cider bashers bash 2008 - dakar support truck.
Wrc action

I like your build mate but I have said that before in the forum I like how you go into detail about the build I have plans for a Dakar support vehicle too your truck inspires me keep up the good work catch ya in the forum

Waited nine months for this

lovely to see such a beautiful creation, my wife and daughter are going gaga over her and love the traditional baby gear. Best build you will ever have! Congratulations and enjoy your new toy. Swarm


Very nice job she looks excellent the paint job is perfection .This was my first car bac in 1984 only wish I still had it they cost a fortune now .If I got one again I would do it based on yours mate. >Takes my hat off to you on a job well done ,In fact I will get one again oneday after seeing yours

Cloddenator completed!!
Corpse Thrower

Wow nice looking build mate the body is fantastic you have done an excellent job its a perfect top shelf build it caught my eye straight away !!!

Shots to show the fit of the wild wendy

What ashame you dont make her anymore you could have made a million given up your day job I bet every man and his dog wants one well I certainly do she is fantastic was gonna call mine Wild Hanny after my wife get her on side a bit more with the hobby .You do great work mate >does the Iam not worthy bow ou are a true master of your craft

Box art build.

Thanx guys for all your posative comments I enjoyed the build and even thou it was hard to get the paint job just right Iam glad I perservered with it she looks better in the flesh as most builds do I guess Thanx again makes it all the more worth while

Old Skool

Nine build mate from a distance it would look like a 1:1 your detail is excellent reminds me of my old 1:1 the roof rack just finishes off a brilliant job .Add one of those to my list .

Hauler out in the sun
ranger blue

Nice Hauler mate excellent paint job flawless .Have you got a trailer for her ?Makes me want to go out and buy another one of these .Iam really impressed with your detail ...smooth ,give you a race against mine ....umm nope just read yours is ball raced give me a head start ...say 100 metres lol nice rig mate

ranger blue

Crikey I thought I was looking at a car sales lot Nice build mate looks like the real thing you cant get much better than that again the detail is outstanding ....very sweet ride


Thanx guys on your comments she does get driven mean treat her mean and keep her keen thats my moto with this Basher she drives like a charm funny some old bashers run the best well this one does ..Thanx again Guys .Cheers

Non-box art re-re hotshot

Nice car mate love your choice of colours looks great ..seeet ride makes me want one excellent build and paint job

My vintage hornet
angel wings

Wow excellent car your brother did a nice job all those years ago the car still looks great and you have the original box in great condition even better .It must have been his pride and joy make him proud and take good care of it .Did the tryes on it go hard and start to perish ? they look to be in great condition its usually the first thing to go rubber breaks down pretty quickly ..Very very nice Car Angel Iam Jealous now .Cheers

Dune buggy

Very nice car mate love the pic .umm its a pommy flag on the roof where is the Aussie Flag .Can just make out the rooster tail sweet .Great action shot ...More pics of this wonderfull beasty.

Great example - i am a lucky man ... (found in australia)

Very nice build and excellent paint job found in aissie too reasonable price ?.I just scored one of these myself was my first car back in 1984 ,back them was $99.00 NiB from uncle petes wish I had brought 20 .Mine is fully bilt but unpainted dont know weather to leave as is will appreciate in value more i think but yours inspires me to paint mine great looking build mate your a lucky man .

A great example - sand rover with nib body kit ...

great find mate looks good even better when its finished .Iam after one of these myself wishfull thinking she looks sweet

Hilux hi-lift summer downunder-comp entry

Its stock built .dunno why you guys think its so high ...Thanx anyways for your comments cheers

Almost done with the shell - sold

A true work of Art mate you have done this kit great justice she came out fantastic love the detail and you say its your first attempt at flames unreal if this is your first attempt bring on more unreal builds like this one, Again I love the detail you have done attention to detail pays off in the final result the mags wheels are the icing on the cake ..True masterpiece keep it up.Cheers

In the blitzing sun (comp entry)

Nice Pic mate really captures the blue sky and the summer feel ,Just looks warm ,Perfect shot got the sun shinning off the side as well .Excellent work mate how many pics did you take for this beauty ?.Cheers

Polishing the wheels!
Road Burner

Very nice pics mate low profile car very sleek ,Love the Yamaha being a bike nut very nice build both car/bike .What colour is the blue on the Yahama ? very nice colour ,Who's bike the girl or the guys ?.Yeah I agree figures enhance a pic makes it look real gives you more to look at ,Great series of pictures..Cheers

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