Where should i place it ? xc or clodbuster

I would go for XC

It's under there somewhere!

You know you could always turn it into the Junkyard Dog Monster truck. HA LOL

My first and by far my most favorite 4wd buggy
Crash Cramer

ARRRRRGH, the F parts have broken just sitting there. Anyone have a set new so my Shelf Queen will once again be an ongoing project?? Just wait until you see the pics of the Universal joints on all four corners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The decal king!!..

It may have taken a long time, but the results are great. There are a few times I look at the pics(especially the head on) and forget the car is a model. I think it is the realism of the worn tires, it looks like it has been driven to a car show or two and then polished up to compete. Very nice, I think I might have to get one now.

Raided from a junk pile!

That is a cool body mod. I think it looks really cool, let's find out how fast it is. Those motor wires look a tiny bit short!!

Green dragon - tupperware (r) trainer

Wow, That is actually a pretty cool upgrade to an unusual Tamiya body. Where did the wing come from?? I like it, you know Kermit said 'It's not easy being green' too.

Rothmans 959 pristine
Rothmans Racing Team

Seeing this makes me wimper and cry that I sold my near mint chassis after giving up hope that a new body was always going to be out of reach price wise. Oh well, there is another one out there to find one day and rescue and race and crash....

Starting with an expensive one!!! (updated)

This has to be the cleanest one I have seen in a LONG time. I must cry FOUL for illegal use of a Fox Box lid to hold dirty old parts and such.LOL Great job so far, I cannot wait for the end result.

Nib today, new built tomorrow, 'runner' the day after...

If I could suggest a different shipper from HK, I would suggest 'Dinball' He is honest and fair in price and ships quickly. I don't have customs taxes or other levys here in the states, but I think his prices are low enough to help with the surcharges you have to pay over there.

Mix and match blazing star.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, HAHAHAHAHA.

Super buy of the bay!! sold

Thanks for the pic of the bottom. I just got a two for one deal on the Bay and thought the plate was missing on my SBFT. I would say NEW Built, just 'test run'. If you add $10 to your deal, I got a dirty, but not busted SBFT and a MB chassis and two radios...SHIPPED from Alaska. Oh yea, did I mention the snow ski conversion???

What a brat!

Funny, that sure looks like a Frog chassis you have it on in the pics.

Here is my first truck to play with
Crash Cramer

Well if they weren't available in Europe, our friend Alonzo Furioso has been busy buying, as usual

Never run. custom chassis.

Hey Wiked, hows about telling us all where to get the specs on that chassis please. I could use one soon the way I keep driving my Super around. Thanks.

My nib gets built to match my driver.

I really must say this model has made me respect the Brat model more. I do think it is a shame that the 1:1 didn't get that kind of ground clearence, but then the motor couldn't power over much anyway.

Wolf in wolf's clothing.

Nice vette, do you have any definative 'HAVE TO GET' HOP UP parts that I or anyone else owning this car would feel are worth every hard earned penny??? I don't drive mine much, but would like it to be a better car when I do drive it. Thanks.

Mint saint dragon, love it or hate it?

I would love if you could tell me how you got the paint off the shell. I have a total red shell waiting to be stripped and new decals. I do like the spring retainers. I bet they are stronger than the stock as they appear to be CVA tension rings. Drop me a line and we can talk. I would love to share any info I can on cars we have the same of.

Ebay winner!

That is looking good. I know who to send my plastic bodies to now when I need a resto.

Paint applied to golden eye

I gotta tell you, that is SHARP. I think the colour scheme is excellent and should look better when the wheels are white. I know who to send my runner MB shell to when I get one. It is a shame the front license plate is painted over.

Mini t with 1/18 scale decals from netsmith

I now have a better excuse to buy a mini T, other than the fact that Losi is making available some good hop up parts. I think the trouble with any 'new' scale in the past has been the lack of support for better parts. Losi has nipped that in the bud in the case of the mini T. I wonder if Chris would be willing to run some 1/18 Monster Beetle decals for me when I get mine.

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