92202 1993 celica bodyset

Hi there. I just recieved the 92200 kit. Does the boldy set come with the nice interior as well?

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I currently use the DX6i for all my models and like it a lot. Have another one for my planes and helis. For the more 'simple' models like this one I might get one of those Eurgle 2.4GHz radios though as the recievers are dead cheap :-)

The DX6i is perfect for my scale 4x4s though (lights, winch etc.).

Df03ra celica/subaru wrc

Very nice!
I would recommend a dust cover (dark impact body). It fits perfectly under the interior and keeps all the dust out of the chassis.

My favorite chassis so far!

Look a lot like mine, we even have the same ezrun system :-)
I have already worn out 2 sets of tyres and is on my second body (The Lancia). Run the HPI Pirelli tyres os mine at the moment.

Castrol celica body on a subaru p-type

I run a Dark Impact shell as inner cover in my DF-03RA (also the Celica). No dirt gets in the chassis now however I agree on the battery cover issue. I rarely remove my battery though so not a big issue for me.

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tony blackfoot

Nice Hilux! Like the color ;-)
I have tried several wheel/tire combinations. I currently run the stick wheels and trail doc xl tires (see my showroom). They have a nice size for the Hilux imo.

Eurgle 2.4ghz modelmemory fix

Thanks a lot! I bought this thing with 8 recievers and have been trying to figure out what was wrong. Now it works perfect!!