Stretch hummer project
Liams Vintage Tamiyas

I hope it will have the disco floor, 7 TV's, 3 Champagne bars, full pin dot mirrored ceiling, strobes, lasers, DVD player, MEGA sound system in it buddy?????
Oh I forgot about the SIX new shiney wheels as well. lol
Coming on nicely Liam. Can I start to take bookings for it yet???

Lots of porsches
Liams Vintage Tamiyas

You forgot to build the chassis on that REALLY NICE black Porsche, which is going to a VERY good home shortly. Just thought that I would mention it to you Liam as you might have overlooked it when you were building it lol.

Built for steve mason (southside on tc)
Liams Vintage Tamiyas

I hope I get the coke can as well lol. Great job as per usual Liam. Looking forward to receiving it.

My comp entry
Liams Vintage Tamiyas

Drives just like you do Liam so don't blame Willy as he learnt everything from you lol.

Dream car that i stole of e-bay

Thief!!!!!!!!!!!! Give it to me and I will of course give it back to its rightful owner, in time lol.