October 2005 - finished! 2007 update
Paul 1964

Points noted. Will paint the colour and use just the details from the decal supplied.

My pride and joy

Wow! Top job. One of the best finished models I've seen on the entire Tamiyaclub website.

First one to arive in europe, limited production run

I've had a Mazda 787b for years. The Mercedes C11 re-release I know have looks to be an identical chassis, so I'd guess the are the same, save for the pre-painted bodies.

July 2007 update - car still as shown.
Paul 1964

Hi Mike. Trim line on the C11 is 0.5mm thick. Check out http://www.modeltechnics.com/ click on the link to 'Vinyl Trim'. It's exactly what I use on my kits.

Full tobacco

Nicely finished. Good job.

Runner on a tl-01 chassis
Paul 1964

Thanks Chris. Finishing the Skyline was a breeze and I'm well chuffed with the way it looked running. When I've completed all my dated projects I shall treat myself to a 'TA' type chassis. Got to get the unfinished ones done first, or the wife will go mad. (Even more mad, that is) LOL.

Hopped up group c jaguar xjr-12

Great to see a model like this being more than just a 'shelf queen'. Built for running, just what it was intended for. Bet it looks great at speed! Must finish mine....

$40 grasshopper finished

Super job on the Grasshopper. I couldn't agree with you more on the direction that Tamiya's buggies have gone. I used to have a Sand Scorcher/Rough Rider/Ford Ranger and Holiday Buggies that I loved. Chassis wise today the design seems fine but the body deisgns do little for me. I'd like to have some buggies again as they can be so much fun. Would like a newer design but becuase of the way they look I'm left waiting something a little more...nice nuts too mate!


The Lola T93 was the car Mansell drove to the Indycar Championship in 1993, while he was the reigning F1 World Champion. Nice bunch of new cars. Look forward to seeing them all finished before Christmas, especially this one. So, stop looking at the your website comments and get on with the job in hand...