Tl-01 chassis being converted to monster truck

Heh thanks.. got a 19T motor to go in it as well! lol think it's gonna be a bit of a beastie when it's finished

My original mb that started it all

Thanks for the comments guys, i'm glad you can share my enthusiasm for this tough little bug!
@series - I couldn't agree more, this ol' girls got SOUL man! lol
@vintage - the wheels are still in pretty good condition, and the chassis and running gear is all fine (even the gearbox doesn't crunch which is incredible when you think about it). I've replaced the rear half shaft drive axles with the frog re-res, and you can probably see my custom body mounts made out of 2mm aluminium in the second picture. The shell and front bumper are badly damaged after crashes and a really bad choice of paint remover, so if I ever did do a FULL box art restore, both those would need to be replaced. Can't see that happening though, she's not ready to be put out to pasture just yet ;)

Rally charger / cayenne

Love it!! Would love to see more classic american muscle car body shells in 1/10

1982 audi quattro a2 acropolis rally winner
Victorious Secret

Absolutely beautiful job. Always been a huge fan of the 1:1 Coupe Quattro, and this build really does do the classic rally car justice. Glad to see that you've put more sensible wheels on rather than the original Tamiya Kit version ;)

Baja vxl stampede with slash bumper

I'm a lover of all things Bug, and this really is an awesome looking bit of kit. Added to favourites.

Monster cuda

Thanks Henk! Got some naked photos for you (and there's something I never thought I'd say to another fella). The HPI wheels slot straight on to the existing axles, and my fears about them not quite being long enough were unfounded because the wheels are quite deep. Had to trim the steel threaded steering rod this morning to get the front toe right, just can't wait to run it now!

Monster cuda

Thanks Def! It's a TL01.. originally a touring car (if you have a look at the TL01 mk1 Escort elsewhere in the show room, you'll see the 'before' pics).

Monster cuda

Yeah. I was thinking the other day too that given that I've replaced pretty well all the bits on this chassis, all I need is a gearbox, drive shaft and main chassis and I could build another one with the old bits! :lol:

Slash ripping up the sand

This is one of the few places you'd get away with taking a Slash on the beach, taking pictures of it and posting them on the internet :D Heard a lot of good things about the Traxxas offering, so may have to indulge :D

Bionic falcon

Love what you've done there mate - especially the mods. I often find sheet aluminium to be my best pal when it comes to strengthening tired old plastic too :D

My sand scorcher from italy

Beautiful resto job with a quite staggering attention to detail. Well done!

Neo playing

That is a superb playground for off road RC. Great pics there, both of the car and the environment!

Eb may 31st - watersports
Blacque Jacque

No respect whatsoever. Good man ;)

More from eb may 31st
Blacque Jacque

Superb pics of Monster Tamiyas doing what they do best. I'm really going to have to get myself a lunchie I think.

Tamiya jeep yj another one

Beautiful looking model. Good job!

New wheels

Prefer the top ones. Somehow they're more scale looking.

It's not vanessas. it's mine

Thanks both! Yet to drive it, because of the weather today. Replaced the standard shocks with the CVAs from my MB, its ballraced and has a slightly warmer 27 turn motor - should go rather well. Didn't realise either that the wheelie bar comes as STANDARD - always thought it was a mod by owners with hot motors. BIG grin on my face when I saw that feature in the build manual ;)

Blitzer falcon
Max Rebo

Another Tamiya buggy Beetlized. Love it ;)


Really love the looks of this truck, and always fancied one. Heard varying stories about build quality and reliability, but seems yours is built out of strong stuff! Just a shame they're RTR really.

Orange hilux evolution

oooh I'm liking that a lot. Very nice!

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