My cars are getting bigger....

Thanks for the comments :-).

Derek, it's a simple model to build, the gearboxes are already assembled, but that's a nuisance if you are going to replace the stock bushes with ballraces (a must if you are considering upgrading the motors) beacuase it means you have to take them apart, replace the bearings and then reassemble them. I'm not sure of the capability of the stock speed control, as the first thing I did was rip that out and replace it with an ESC. I would think that if you want to run 19T motors it might be worth replacing the thin speedo wires with some 14awg silicon wire. The shocks are Carson Ref C54926, but with the springs from the kit. I don't know how long they will last, they are not as good as the Tamiya shocks, but they are considerably cheaper!

4x4 scorchalike, or ranger-alike!

I like that Beetle. shame that the oversize wheels don't work with the Baja Champ as they looked nice on it. I'd never thought of putting a Beetle body on the TL-01B, but it looks really nice. I wonder if the Mad Bull sized wheels and tyres would work without burning out the motor? I would try it myself, but I'm not that brave :-). Or maybe Baja Champ rear wheels all round would fit? Nice looking car though :-D


Sweeet - this is getting me more interested in attempting a big Beetle project of my own. Good looking Beetle :-)

The pumpkin is back
Midnight Man

Nice looking truck, the Duratrax tyres set it off well, look a lot more classy than the Tamiya tyres.

A sunny day!!...

Superb cars, very well made and painted, and very good photo work too, they look like the real thing. Top notch :-)

My cars are getting bigger....

Interesting idea derek, but I think I'll leave the shocks in the stock position till I've driven it and seen what the handling is like. RichieRich, so long as the shocks fit, any make should do. I like the look of the Carsons, but don't know of the longevity (they look like they will be difficult to service). I've recently bought some genuine Tamiya shockers for another car, and I think that I will probably use them in future as they are well made and easy to maintain..

Blitzer beetle (now parted out)

Superb job. different to anything else I've seen and really effective.

Easier to drive than the m-01 chassis?

I love the paintjob, sure I've seen it somewhere else? Nice looking car, and interesting to read about the tyre options, mine's been run twice and the front radials are already nearly slicks :-)

Snetterton 2004

They were spectacular, shame they couldn't run them Sunday as they would've been a guaranteed crowd puller.

My monster beetle is broken!!!

Ouch :-O I thought that looked okay till I scrolled down to the shots of the top! It'll be a good excercise in repairing a hard shell though ;-)

Got me a pumpkin

It's got an HPI Savage servo saver now, don't think that should break in a hurry :-) Pics with lights blazing should be posted in a couple of days (fingers crossed)

Look at what you guys missed :s

Good for you chap - I would've loved to help, but don't have the sort of vintage cars you would be looking for, and it's quite a way from me, and Snet cost me lots of cash so I've got to tighten the purse strings until the wife stops looking ;-) It's a shame the response was low, but I think it was a problem being so close to the spring run. Best of luck with the show though, the stall looks well populated :-)

Nicer with smaller tires?

Those aircraft wheels are a good idea, I might try that on my Pumpkin.

New mission 2

I think this looks a promising car, I'm trying to resist buying one to replace my Mission 1, but the cost of it is about the same as buying all the purple bits separately for the Mission, so I might just have to succumb to temptation ;-)

Every ones gotta have a mini!

Welcome to the Tamiya Mini Owners Club :-) - Nice paintjob on that, the flames are subtle and look good with the metallic purple.

Aaaagh........its a monster!!!!!!!

Nice MB there. I just got a Monster Beetle, and I thought that the front shocks must be empty, they were that stiff. I've replaced the oil, and they are still stiff so I assume that's how they are meant to be - I will be trying some softer springs though.

My ramp

Nice work, I hope that it didn't interrupt your security work though, did you look up when finished and find the place had been stripped of everything valuable? :-)

Traded with purplebugsy

Very tidy looking mini, I like the sunstrip, very cool :-)

Wild willy 2

That's a great looking willy, makes a change to see one in different colours. And you've got the right attitude about driving it, because they do flip at the slightest opportunity, and judging by Snetterton this year, the driver will have his arm amputated at some stage :-)

Another ebay win

The stadium body looks good on the Champ - did you need to do much modification to the bodyposts to fit it?

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