Some old moko chan stuff

Good find. Why not scan these and add them to the collection in the vintage reviews section.

Kyosho super alta mini

The car is a Kyosho Mini Cooper, the chassis is based on the earlier Kyosho Super Alta chassis from the early 80s.

A freebie off someone

Hi Luke, the car is a Kyosho Lazer 2000, a budget car but it still shares a lot with the proper Lazer Zx range.

Optima mid turbo

Thanks for your comments, the paint looks even better in the flesh, the 3d effects work really well. Like all my buggies in the early 90s it was built for on road racing, thats why it has lowered (raised?) shock mounts. The wheels are Kyosho Corvette ones and the tyres are from Schumacher Road and Tracks, they worked well on tarmac but I still used 1/8th stock car foams when racing on carpet.

Manta ray / ta-02 aluminium motor mount 53142

Sorry, its not for sale. I have a car for it, though I might look at making reproductions from it when I get the chance.

Its a...well not sure.

Its definitely a Traxxas, the white slider driveshafts and old blue shocks give it away. The suspension parts originally would be moulded white, and it looks like they have been dyed with fabric dye to give the purple colour. Not sure on the specific model, I suspect it's the Nitro Hawk.

Strati (the plural of stratus?)

Thanks, the blue stripes were supposed to be more of a fade, but they have come out nice. The tribal flames are my usual design, across the rear of the body so the front is solid white - makes it easier to see on the track.

A bush devil or different coloured super blackfoot?

Thanks guys for the comments about the body, it just happened to be sitting there waiting for a respray, will probably not bother now, it looks good on the blue chassis. The wheels are growing on me though.

Lazer zx

Got good news for you, its actually a Lazer ZX-R. The differences are the longer front shocks, grp shock mounts, one piece top deck and a slipper clutch. It will seriously outperform any Optima

Schumacher xl 1/12 scale

At least the change to carpet racing meant the house no longer smelt of drying silicone after preparing the tyres every week. Just wherever you put the car smelt of TEAC instead!

The start of my hotshot clubman racer project

Thanks James, still a long way to go to catch up with yours though.

Look what i've just found ;)

The shell looks like the CEN one to me. The auction does state that it is a faithfully copied reproduction, based on a Manta Ray. Still the chassis has a few options added to it and its much better than the TL-01 the original was based on.

The bush ranger

I thought the same at first but the wheels are growing on me. Thye do contrast well with the blue and make it stand out.

What the heck is this car really?

Its an A07 electric buggy. Somehow connected with Chadori but not the same car. Spares are still available, I'm using several sets of their dampers on my runners.

Wild willy camaro as seen at kidderminster

At Kiddy I said that shell should go on a monster. Was talking about a Clod but looks even better on the Willy.

Xls / procat / bosscat mongrel

Like you I'm also trying to see how many parts I can replace with alloy and upgrade parts. Lets see who can build the heaviest Cat[;)]

Hotshot at the imperial war museum north

Thanks for the comments guys. It certainly takes a bit more effort than just using your back garden for a setting but the photos do look much better and a lot more interesting. Matbe we'll all try and be a bit more imaginative with our photos in future - especially me!

Hotshot at the imperial war museum north

Maxxed Ross - the Lowry is a great building to photograph the details as I've done in the 4th photo but unfortunately due to other buildings around it its impossible to get a good overall shot. It looks wonderful but the 5th photo is as far away as you can get from it, unfortunately not far enough to get a good photo of the car as well.

Schumacher cougar 1

No, it's still intact at the moment. It's sitting at the back of the queue of projects that haven't been started never mind finished. The body has moved to my Cougar 2 Team though but still undecided what to do with the rest of it.

It's certainly different!

Highly likely from a Nikko. Does anyone want it?

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