1971 nissan skyline 2000 gt-r 'gunfighter'
Victorious Secret

VS..! Your work is truely an inspiration for all in the Tamiya Club. Altho' I also enjoy detailing my cars, yours are a (good)few leagues ahead. Your originality and attention to detail earns my highest respect.
One question - Altho' I know where I can can source many of the car bodies you have, can you tell where I can get such a Girl Friend? :) ..or is THAT! the Victorious Secret!? :)
Well done Mate! and looking forward to seeing more of your work - Take care!

New shoes

CASE1, your Giulias' have started an epidemic in my collection! They are just TOO DAMN FUN!! to pass by..! After two NIB M02's, I purchased another off EvilBay for a runner and to emulate yours, but it turned out to be a shelf queen in awesome condition but for the decals lifting after years of storage. My Doctor has advised ;) that the only cure is to find another donor to abuse so my search continues..! Thank you for showing us your inspiring cars and practical ideas. Mallo

Sand & water for the ranger

Awesome Pics!! Takes me back some 20years or so ago trashing my F150 on the beach and driving it until the front suspension caved in with camber and the rear CV joints wore to the point that it appeared to have a diff installed :) Boy! this sure does bring back fond memories. Thank you for sharing.. Mallo

1984 audi quattro a1 monte carlo rally winner
Victorious Secret

Freakin' Awesom! Your skills with lexan bodies on TC are beyond reproach! Absolutely Fantastic!

Vs' crazy autohaus
Victorious Secret

..everyone a masterpiece! VS, You're a legend alright..! ;)

Wild one project
Leethal Driver

These are AWESOME! I have a few (like 4 ;) of these and they are kewl just to look at let alone blast them around on my lawn. You ENJOY! LD!

One of my skyline r32's

Very cool rendition. 'Nearly mistaken for my 1:1 Skyline which is also black in colour, but with bronze wheels. I like..!

Socal in november

Hey TK! Your Scorpion sure looks like a million bucks. Awesome to see such classy detail and great action pics of one of the most beautiful classics ever made. Good on Ya!

Rough rider funco reference

I really like the attention to detail. Note the stinger exhaust and working lights!! ;) I'll bet those front shocks leak as well! IMO - I think it does look more like a Scorpion with original Rough Rider stickers :) These pics are awesome and Thanks for sharing.

My 1:1 cooper with its little brother

Just love it! Dante77, did you get the original boxes with these beautiful cars? I was just wondering how long it took the orginal owner to assemble the 1:1..?! or did he buy it RTR? However, just judging by how nice it turned out, he must've done a pretty good job. You must be glad it's a runner, as it saves you the time and effort (let alone space!!) of having to make a make a shelf for the 1:1 ;) Take care..! and Njoy! :)


Brian, you have done a fantastic job and all your effort sure has turned this into a awesome looking truck. Beautiful Mate!

1992 daytona 24 hours winner!---sold---

Rob, you have done a FANTASTIC JOB! to one of my Tamiya favourites. I am Nissan crazy and plan on getting one of these eventually. 'Awesome pics of your work!

Super champ on knight rider

The Kyosho Scorpion Series chassis has a trailing arm rear suspension similar to that of a V-Dubs, now all you have to do is work out a way to fit it to a SRB chassis. Alternately, you can send your SRB to Monster Garage like they did to this one in your pics ;)

Old Skool

Fantastic addition to the collection Old Skool! Congratulations! My very best wishes to you and your Family. New builds are awesome ..and pay attention to the details ;) Cheers..!

Sand hog bruiser full reveal

imho THIS! is possibly the nicest Bruiser on TC that is not same ole, same ole boxart, which altho' nice, begs me to ask the question - 'Which one is yours then..?' 3SPD REKR, your original ideas, amazing skills and attention to detail finds you in the upper echelon of model builders on this site. Fantastic work Mate! and your pics are all in my favourites. Respect, Mallo

Beach run aftermath

Very disturbing if this is a re-re as I'm currently building one for old times sake. I never had so bad an issue with my original as a kid, and I would remember as it went all over with me with a spare 1500 nicad for my 10 minute blasts which have lasted now for 3 decades..! I must really love this game..!? Yes :) Yes :) Yes :) !!!

1984 associated rc12is

Hey Christian, this Ligier body reminds me of my first ever 'real' rc car. It was painted with Humbrol olive drab/army green as I was advised then matt colours adhered to the lexan better than gloss. It was an Edinger first manufacture RC12 chassis with the solid white pvc top deck and the lumpy panhead steel screws under the chassis. How I'd love to get another one like that again - oh, but without the rusty solid steel axle :)

T1 foc (freedom of choice) - sold

Those paint jobs are waaaay cool! I know because I've seen those cars 'in the flesh' Very inspiring John!

Racecrafters r&d

I am in awe at all your kind comments and the Lads in 'The' Club Rock!
- @ SRB Bloke, the only time any of my gear is stock is on the way home from the showroom. However, stock is always a good starting point until I lay eyes and hands on it with a few abara kadabaras :) ha ha. It sits on Teins and a few other engine thingy's that work very hard on track days. Take care Mate and keep the rubber side down ;)

V-dub oval splitty beetle vw

This is a super cool project you have there. We had a powder blue oval (model after this shape) as a family car. It had 6 volt electrics and I think a 45hp 1100 motor in it. One of the most memorable features about this car was the flickers/indicators - semaphors which stuck out like arms to show which way Dad was going to turn. Those were the days :) 'Am looking forward to see what its going to look like when you are done :)

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