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Thanks for all your comments Guys - Glad you like the team. Lots of questions about the Action Men (again a childhood memory that have re-kindled). Quality is everything with action Men and was lucky to find a great seller on e-bay who had collected portion of the mint part of this set over many years and was looking to sell it on (month by month!). Dr WHO are my little boys collection - overspill from his room! Thanks again for comments - Must say a big thank you to j-man for his excellent alloy bumpers and rear cage - still need a few more and would love one of your spider cages John if you do any more (yours are the best mate).


Buggy champ 2009

Thanks guys. Alloys have come from various sources all from the bay - knew about Rad but wasnt sure how to get hold of his sought after alloys. Did get some from RC Channel a while back but dont think these ones were from there (sorry have bought so many parts over the years this one slips me). Pleased with the paint scheme - bit of a gamble at the time but turned out better than I thought. Thanks again (have about 2 feet of snow outside at the moment! - another day working from home tomorrow (dont imagine Ill get much done as toys are too much of a distraction!!

Rough rider

Very kind of you j-man. Skottoman thanks for all your nice comments (much appreciated - you must live on this site mate). mr alan love your 1:1 fantastic.

Srbs in extreme cold

Stunning work, great collection and a fantastic series of photographs - truly insperational.

Alaskan boxart sand scorcher finished

Fantastic showroom - respect to you for all your hard work with this collection and great comments you leave for others - honeymooned in Alaska (Stunning car)

My office

best of luck with the RR build Mark - look forward to seeing it in your fab showroom

Max woudn´t stop.... (com entry)

Cool photo Alfons - Some excellent shots of max in your showroom too - love it - beach is the best place to run these chaps - you need to move closer to the beach! big respect for your effort mate.

Can am lola!

Hi Roy

Fantastic showroom - this car was the one I really wanted as a boy but never got my hands on - have been searching hard for one for ages but appear extremely rare- Looks to be in fantastic condition - very lucky find well done. Welcome to the club - have just joined myself and like you am getting my boys into my RC obsession!! Have fun

Waiting for the planes
pcw 064

Nice condition tank my friend - I have one of these also that got as a boy - Im still trying to collect some missing parts for it as they tend to fall off easily so keep a close eye in those smoke launchers and it seems you have the very delicate door handles still in place - nice find well done and enjoy (mine sits on my desk and I'm always looking at it also - Fantastic looking model)

Had body set - had to build it!


Great can am lola

Hey Roy - No, No, No - you ahve 2 and I have none - not fair - Fantastic looking car - let me know when you want tp pass it on to me please!!

Return of the 'champ' !!

Super job John - looks like your tallents also run in your family (well done Joe) very shiny and flawless job you have done there. Wanted one of these myself for a while now. Are you still going to be making your hop up front and rear cages? Get some more of those Spiders Cages made my man!!

My favorite model toy!!!

Congratulaions from snowy Aberdeen - He looks Gorgeous. Be sure to get loads of photos now because as he gets older he'll get faster and almost impossible to catch on film. An amazing 9 month build well done my man.

Monoshock scorcher cage

Fantastic work again John well done. would it fit under a rough rider shell - post it over to me and Ill try it on some of mine - promise to send you a photo back!!

Xr311 (after)

Great work you have done there my friend - fantastic job on the weathering - Love it and want it!.

Updated paint job

Fantastic job you have done. Very clever indeed. JRs, aloys, twin exhaust, fantastic detailing and a paint job to die for. T101!!

My 2010 collection

Great workspace Dan and a Fab collection from a 1 car start in a year - do you have a favourite to date? What are you on the hunt for next (Larger room? - LOL). Well Done My Man

Custom rough rider

Fantastic job, love the colour sheme, rear cover (where is this from?) and rear tyres. T101 for me!

Finally added the last decals on my ligier
Fernado Alonso

Great loking car which Ive always wanted - great job

Hong Kong

This is an absolutely stunning tank - I think all of your tanks are fantastic and the best I have ever seen- wish I had the tallent to do his - stunning!!

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