My ford goes to the strippers!!
Corpse Thrower

Could ya get a naff Blackfoot shell and bond the piece on thats broke then just lightly fill and sand? But its looking good!!

Getting near completion
carlos vandango

Very nice!! The colour looks right too!!

Lancia delta partly finished

'WOW' That interior and the car looks fantastic!! Your an artist in every sense!!!

Scale vw motor
Old Skool

These l@@k fantastic!!! What an artist, my Mate hires Camper Vans out and these look relly realistic!!!

Don't you just love new in the box
SRB Bloke

'WOW!' You lucky man, wish I had a set of body's like these 'VERY NICE, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM DONE!!'

Super champ restored with all metal hop ups

Very,very nice! I know ya think it cost a lot Mate, but well worth every last penny!! 'BEAUTIFULL'

Stadium blitzer
mad maz

Nice! You'll have fun there Mate, these are underated, I have two of these
(1) Thats going to be a Runner 'although I hope it still looks nice when its had a slight resto, and (2) I have a brand new built one thats never been run, the shell hasn't even been painted yet this is going to be a Shelf-queen. I like these and my Nephew who gave me the Runner said that they're brilliant fun? 'I can't wait to see ya pics of the finished article!!!

My all time favorite vehicle !!!

'WOW!' How lucky are you!! Can ya please give me next weeks Lottery Numbers? LOL!!! Very nice Mate wish it was mine, have fun with the build and show us the pics when finished Mate.

Running shot - photoshoped

WOW looks fantastic!

Kyosho collection. very difficult to get hold of!


Restored champ

Hi Mate! This looks the Mutt's Nut's!! I think I sold ya the Screws? Thats the first time i've seen them on a Superchamp 'Or should I say a SUPERBCHAMP' Your obviously a perfectionist?? 'If they are a set of my Screws I must say i'm proud to see them on such a fine car!!!' Dannieboy.

Mk1 staduim blitzer
mad maz

That looks brilliant! I've just finished restoring mine i'll have to get it posted Like the braces they look the MUTT'S, don't suppose you'll share the secret on how to make them with me wudya??
Regards Dan.

An amazing gift ! 1958 aerokits sea rover

Wow really nice! I love my RC Boats and cars and would love a great set up like most on TC but unfortunately long term poor health doesn't really allow it? When I came home from Dialysis today I was a bit down but Colin from RCBearings gave me a little lift and then I read your storey about the Sea Rover and read what loaded said about you and this made me realise that the World does have nice down to earth people in it!!!
Best Regards from Dan.

Boxed striker
Vlad The Impaler

Looks nice to me! I'm out of work dur to Kidney failure so I can only dream of buying NIB Tamiya's?
'Be proud of it'
Regards from Dan.

Another low end kit
Vlad The Impaler

I like this also Mate! You are a lucky chap, and have a really nice collection.
Regards from Dan.

New in box superhornet
Vlad The Impaler

Were do ya get these bargains from?
Regards from Dan.
P.S. If ya get to bored with it I know a good home for it? Ha! Ha!

My holiday buggy

Hi yep she does!
Theres a set of NIP Rear Wheels and Tyres on Ebay at the minute look for EUROPRO or TONY'S TAMIYA PARTS!!
Regards from Dan.

All most there
Old Skool

Wht can I say but VERY VERY NICE!!
Be proud of it Mate.
Regards from Dan.


Nice Motor!
Like the Wheels and Decals!! Yeah I think maybe Orange or traditional Green 'but these still look good'. I have mine to build yet but not sure if I should paint the wheels or not, or just change them?
Reagrds from Dan.

Old Skool

Just looking through ya showroom and wanted to say contratulations on your new arrival 'seems like only 5minutes since my Daughter was that big, Oh how the years fly by!
Regards from Dan.

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