Lunch box 4x4

Thanks for the excellent comments everyone :). To answer the questions, the car drives very nicely, the gear ratio is a little low, with a standard 540 on a 20T (32DP) pinion it's probably a similar speed to a hotshot on a 7.2. The car corners very well and is stable due to having the battery mounted relatively low in the chassis and the stiff F350 springs. (I.e. on flat ground it will not tip with full throttle turns.). From memory the car will not wheelie from a standing start, but will wheelie readily from rapid reverse to full throttle fwds. Also it has a tendency to understeer at full throttle due to the short wheelbase and lack of center diff. I am currently in the middle of making some mods to it, but once they are complete I will try get a movie done of it to show what it goes like. I'm adding F350 spring clamps to hold the leaf springs in place, originally each axle was attached only by 4 screws and O rings going through the leaf springs, but this gave a lot of sideways give on the suspension, which I think is partly causing the high speed understeer. The downside is that the clamps have lowered the axles in relation to the gearbox, increasing the angles on the centre driveshafts to the point that the front one binds on the drive cup. (The rear one is made from modified txt-1 UJs, the centre section scratched by me for being a telescopic slider made from steel. WHen I get it sorted I will update the photos, and perhaps do a thread in the forum with some photos of the insides of the gearbox as well. The next major project I am working on is an 8x8x4 off roader made with thundershot suspension arms and fitted with tlt-1 / F350 wheels and tyres.

Thanks again for the comments, great forum,


Lunch box 4x4

On and off, took a few months to build. Took me two weeks just to make the telescopic slider drive shaft for the rear end. Helps a lot having a milling machine and a small lathe though ;)

Jugg update

Nice :), is the dark colour flip paint ?, or is it just the light shining on the door ?

Great :)

Wow, Didn't take long to get the paint out ;). Looks so much better with the silver highlights. (New front grill as well ?)I'll probably end up doing something similar for my Jugg :)


Military works in progress

Love the schwimmwagen. What model / kit is it; 1/8 scale ? Does the prop run off the crawler motor as well?

Stingray! stingray!

That's one nice looking shell. Side pipes look a bit low to the ground for a runner. Only using indoors ...?


Kyosho ultima mk.1

That's very, very nice. I had one these years ago when you could still buy them from a model shop. Quick car, but the kyosho speedo was a pig to fit under the bodyshell if I remember rightly. I remember driving mine into very solid, snapping the top deck, folding up the fornt bulkhead and twisting the chassis, and also bending the front shock mount. I also split all the spring retainers going round the top of the shocks by overtightening them, so nice to see all the original ones on this car.

Sand rover
Stan :0)

I think the SS wheels & tyres look better than the originals. When I had mine 28 years ago I wanted a set of SS wheels & tyres to go on it :)


My complete rig

Simply Brilliant !. More photos please :)


Ford mustang reference pictures

There's more to life than mpg :)

The ace up my sleeve ;)

I can remember having one of these briefly in the 80's. Bought it off a friend of mine at school, then found out that he'd pulled the threads out of the drive cups when over tightening the ball diff. This meant that the ball diff didn't sit in the centre of the drive shaft, and as the transmission rotated the front-rear belt would tighten and loosen as the diff pulley rotated. Was a nice piece of engineering for the time though. Alloy transmission plates were a sign of things to come. I seem to remember the original owner paying £200 for it new, which was an awful of money at the time (Nearly 2 hotshots). I think I sold it for £30.


Slow moving project, but crawlers aren't suppose to be fast.

Very nice looking model. great job !

Tamiya vanquish (sold)

Very nice, just needs some new tyres ;). Is the front shock mount brace original ? Don't remember it on the one I had years ago......

Runner clod

That looks fabulous. Be a shame to damage the body running it though, I'd plop a lexan shell on it


That looks great. Nice work ;)

Frog 'How fast are you going?' Bandit, 'Oh, about 110' :)


That's some nice work Adam. Like the greeen and white. Glad to hear you feeling better :)

The tigers have landed

Are you going to build them ????

Sold: schumacher cat swb new built

The birth of the modern racing buggy ! Schumacher really were years ahead of everyone else when they released this. (FRP Chassis, Ally gearbox frames, UJs all round). No wonder the xls pasted the competition when it was released. Racing this against hotshots would have been like turning up for the Battle Of Britain with a Hawker Hunter :)

Had this thing since 1993

Nice paint job, especially the commander. Looks like the tracks might be a bit tight though (pic 5)


Tamiya avante 2001

Nice, :) I prefer the white hweels to the yellow ones. I'll be keeping an eye on the prices of the re-re, might get one, might not.....

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