Lights and snow - what more can you ask for???

Headlights look good - I bought the MTronics set (bit pricey I thought) for my Hummer and have been pleased with the result. Since found out the LEDS, lenses and holders used in the MTronics headlights are special 1watt LED's called 'Luxeon Stars'. You can buy them with lenses and the mounts, plus a few pence for wire and 2 resistors for about 16GBP all in.
Check out the DIY LED thread too if you want to have them controllable from your Tx - I found a tiny RC switch to do this for about 20USD - works a treat! Really like what you have done with the Landy shell btw.

Srn5 hovercraft

Wow - great to see another RC hovercraft fan that is also into Tamiya's :-). Great model btw, I recently completed an SK-5 kit and am thinking about progressing to a scratch build kit as my next hovercraft project. Is this built from the Mark Porter plans by any chance, and is it electric powered?

Another hovercraft

Would love to see some footage of this running! I also have an SK-5 kit (my first hovercraft, not a Kinetics one though) and they are seriously addictive!!!

Marines hovercraft

Great model :-). Was the 6 month build time just evenings and odd weekends or 6 months of actual build time?

Lights are a must!

Like your lighting mods. The Mtronics headlight kit is the biz - I used one on my Hummer. I'm just finishing up a Subaru WRC kit like yours that will be fully lit (front and rear). Going to use normal LEDs (6 of them) at the front to try and keep the looks like the box art. Sadly I don't think they will give a huge amount of light, but well see :-).

Possible essex sunday meet venue?

Looks like a good location Jozza - count me in if we can agree dates in the thread on this :). I'm guessing its gonna be a bit wetter than those pics in November though - better get my receiver waterproofing sorted! Cheers, Chris

Hovercraft racing on the beach

Very nice RC hovercraft you have there - I'm a bit of a fan of these myself. I have a kit based on the military SK-5 that is electric. Just in the process of switching over to LiPo batteries (MUCH lighter) and have upgraded race motors in mine. A great website for all things RC hovercraft related is: The site has everything you need to know and some very experinced builders on there. You will probably find someone on there that has made a replacement skirt for the Hoverstar. Personally I would take the old one off and use it as a template and make a replacement one from ripstop nylon (available from most kite stores). My next hovercraft project is going to be a scratch build SK-5 from some plans from Model Boats magazine back in the 80's. They are great fun, and the beach is the best place to use them :).

Graupner pistenbully - kyosho blizzard dx

Very nice. I have been interested in one of these for a while. I have just succumbed to temptation and bought a NIB Blizzard EV from ebay. I will be painting it in the same colours as the one you have here. I also hope to scratch build a lighting rig for mine using amber flashing LEDs and some front and rear LED spotlights - this is going to be tricky, but worth it. Hopefully we will get some snow this year to enable me to try out my new toy!!!!!

Kamtec golf mk1 m-chassis mini

Vary nice Daz - if it helps bump it up Keiths priority list any further I'll take at least 10 shells, maybe more as a few folks over at the Mk1 golf owners club would be up for these :-).

Don't suppose there is any chance of a 1/10th scale Mk1 Escort for the M-04 chassis is there? I got an M-04 rally prepped chassis here just crying out for the right rally body!!!!

Kidderminster pics of chrisb's hummer

Great photos Rich, especially like the last one of the airborne overtaking manouver ;). The XC / Hummer event was the one I think I enjoyed taking part in the most.

Kyosho 250gto nitro car

Wow - that is a gorgeous shell. Is it one of the Kyosho classic series (can't remember the exact name they used)? I think there were all sorts including AC Cobra, E Type Jag etc. Cheers, Chris

Unimog running at kidderminster

Biggus - is that a Carson Unimog shell? Looked really smart :)


Nice car. I am a big fan of these cars and have owned both a real life Mk2 and more recently a Mk1 like the one you have here. I have a re-release awaiting construction and its a superbly detailed kit with the M-04M chassis being better than the original mono shocked M-02M imho.
Car does look good with the matt black roof, although if I was being picky I would point out that the Tamiya moulding is actually for a car with a hardtop on with the large wrap around rear window ;). Me pedantic? Nahhhhhhhh :).
Think I will be spraying mine black when its done with silver Minilite style alloys - these cars look great in black.

Ultimate rv!

Nice Hummer :). I'm a bit of a fan of these myself. You should have brought it along to Kidd for the XC / Hummer race, I was outnumbered by XC Pajeros by about 4 to 1 ;)

B³ stuff

Z printer - whassat? I have seen the desktop 3D CNC milling machines. They look pretty cool and look like they might be able to handle producing RC car plugs for molding. Not cheap though at 2000USD+. I can dream ;)

B³ stuff

<drool> neeeeeed a Z printer. So I reckon a couple of bank jobs should be enought the fund the 25K+ USD needed to buy one and run it for a while - whadda ya reckon Andy - you in ;) ?

Hollow pond part 1

Nice pics Sammy. Definitely some good rally course potential there, and looks ideal for the Hovercraft too. Looks pretty quiet as well which is surprising given the weather and the fact that it was a Sunday.

It doesn't bother me too much as crawling is not by thing, but there doesn't seem to be much for the monster truck folks there?

Cheers, Chris

Hollow pond part 2

Aha - that'll be where the crawler terrain is then ;)

How close was it possible to get cars to there, or would it be a bit of a hike from the car park?

Lanica delta hf integrale

Mind me asking where you managed to source it at that price? Thats a lot cheaper than most of the usual HK / Japanese sellers i have seen. Cheers, Chris

Buggy based rally car (part 1)

I like, I like very much :). Whats the detail like on the HPI shells and any chance of some pics nest to a standard 1/10th scale shell for comparison?

The car looks like it will have superb ground clearance too. I know Kyosho do some 1/8th scale nitro buggies that have some interesting rally shells on them including about the most scale looking Lancia Stratos I have seen anywhere. Wondering if the Kyosho shell might fit your custom chassis.....

Keep those pics coming - this looks promising. Chris

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