My monster beetle runner - part 3

Thanks for the kind comments!
@skywhelp: Did nothing with FRP for a long time, but it brought back the old times!
Color was a hard choice for me. I think it´s quite difficult at the MB, as it is such a matching color concept on the box art. I wanted to keep the red frame and the yellow dampers, so I came to yellow. Gold wheels were a bit too much then, so I will use them for the shelfer and bought some alloy ones.
I still have it on my old Brat by simply drilling new holes in the chassis. For the MB my intention was to don´t destroy original parts, so I made this bolt on plate.
When you´ve done it to your Frog, let me know how you solved it!


6 of ten part 4
Team Rawlings

Incredible, when looking at your threads and seeing where the body came from, I cannot imagine that this is the same one!
Like it, this is a real 'restoration', and beautiful work on the whole car.

My monster beetle runner - part 4

Glad you like the build,
I already have some custom decals, but they are not the best quality. For the moment they will do the trick. If you have any ideas where to get good MB decals, please let me know! I need a good set for my shelfer still...
Bumble Bee would be really funny, but I already started sticking them!

Xmas competition entry

Congratulations also from me,
you did an epic photo, Neil!


My monster beetle runner

Thanks Tim,
the prototype slipper is finished now,
and run well on the bench.
Had some clearance issues, but now it´s fixed. I will switch gear boxes soon and test it in the car in January. Then I will give further info in my MB thread!

Mk2 scorcher resto part 4

Great paintworks!
What spraygun / nozzle dia do you use for painting the shells?


Slightly misshapen runner monster beetle (sold)

Clever fixing for the body repair!
I also like the additional antenna inside the body. And cool extra with the glass sunroof.
It´s cool to have something special on it, to not just have another box art one...
Just one remark: rear lights are switched l/r, so they have 'some positive camber'.
Doesn´t count on a runner, but remember for your top-shelfer. Have fun running it!

Srb manx body shaping up

I lost my words!
How cool will be that! Matching wheelbase, and did I get it right, you will be printing out the body on a 3d printer???
Really curious about the next steps!

New built monster beetle - still cooking...

Really charming,
reminds me that I still have to do my shelfer!
Wish I had such a beautiful new MB Body!
Only advice I have is that you maybe switched the front and rear springs!?


New built monster beetle - still cooking...

Hi, then you switched them!
I just noticed, because I got my MB with 3 firm springs and only one light. So I took a deeper look in the manual I luckily got with the kit, and now I do have an eye for it! But that is no critic for your fantastic work, it´s just as you have such excellent parts in new condition, so everything should fit on this Beauty. So my vote is for sure Italian red, too...

Got there in the end!

Absolutely stunning, great attention to detail! Straight into my favorites. True Tamiya icon!

My monster beetle runner - part 5

Thanks beefy, hoped you would like it, as we have the same masterplan: MB runner + shelfer. It took quite some time from the first idea to the last steps, but now I´m really quite into gears! (-;


My monster beetle runner - part 5

@k2cos: If you mean the small spring for the slipper adjustment, it´s a DF03 part. No. is Tamiya - 5005169. But it´s really stiff, maybe to stiff for what you will use it.

@kontemax: You´re right, doesn´t make 'sense' to take the old C.V.A.´s, but I nowadays like the look of them, as it brings back the feeling and memories of my youth. That was the kind of 'understatement' I wanted on this one. In fact with the updates now, they work even better than some old Hicaps I have lying around. But have to admit, that I thought about the Hicaps, when testing the plastic ones the first time, as they were on the car. Tamiya did a lot of progress over the years, when I see how they can work now.


M04 vw samba - dawn patrol at the beach

How can anybody not like this cracker! Scott, hats off for this build. Your builds are one of the reason I finally had to join this community, even if I will never reach 1% of your skills!! Enjoy every drive with it!

My monster beetle runner - part 5

Thanks so much Kontemax, proud to be added by you! Already added the bug to the SIG!

Srb alloy parts

Like it! Clever idea with the brake pipe bender.
Did you warm up the alloy before bending? For sure some good alloy is needed, as you explained!

Srb manx - first prototype

Oh my god, I thought this will be good, but it´s even better! And how clever thought is also the RC-Box and the fittings to the body!
The front shock towers are also the modified version I guess, to not stick out in the front hood?
Anyway, I have my new screensaver!

Ever closer to completion
hot rod

Excellent work so far, looks close to my box art MB project with partly primered body.
Keep on going, a MB shelfer has to be box art and italian red...


Damn, looks really cool with that black rims!
I also played around with this idea, to take the 30years 911 Tamiya body to put it on a M06. Or will you use a cupracer body?
Can´t wait for the next pics!

Mitsubishi lancer ex 2000 turbo

I know my buddy would want this one, as he trades with Mitsubishi´s.
Please add it to the Rally SIG!

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