No tamiya: jet racer 4wd twin motor

As far as I can remember is Taiyo/Dickie the brand of this car. It is a complete build in a box model. Inside there is a open PCB and 1 servo. Although the look is great, the performance is very low. The steering servo only works when the motors are running, so you can't turn without giving power forward or backward. And it has a 2speed forward/1speed backward controller up to 25km/h (written on the shell)
The car is completely original, I have only removed the decals on the backwing because they were totally messed up

Kawasaki kr 500 gp racer part 2
pcw 064

Al that details, amazing. It looks just like a reel one.
Perfect job my friend! Thumbs up.
See you tomorrow for some Tamiyatalk.