First attempt at home-made decals...

Hi Max, it's called 'XXX main picture glue' if I remember correctly. I've only seen it sold in the USA but found some through a company called CML distribution that shipped/sold in the UK. It is specifically for gluing paper to the inside of lexan shells so probably not great for repairing existing stickers. One other note: somebody said that it is just PVA glue but I tried PVA first and the stickers fell off in a matter of hours! This XXX stuff has a lot of flex in it and has stuck perfect. Just be careful googling 'XXX..' :P Cheers!

This is based on my old 1:1 mini (stolen)

Thanks Mongoose! Means a lot from someone like yourself - just had a look at your showroom, wow, I wish i could own a fraction of the cool stuff you've had!

Three decades after first wanting one, it's coming together

Nice! I want one of these too. Are those last two photos of new replacement parts or are you some kind of cleaning wizard! What is the liquid that you're soaking the wheels with? Cool project, good luck!

First attempt at home-made decals...

Cheers Mad Ax, I learnt a lot of what NOT to do with this one! Next one will be better.. Lovin the monte carlo monster mini 2qwik, was getting jealous looking at your awesome collection!! Thanks for the feedback guys.

A classic!

@R/CVET You know it my friend! I'll probably buy a few more ABS and lexan shells because the options for liveries etc. is limitless! Hoping my Metallic Midnight Pumpkin is on the doorstep when I get home later.. It will soon be 2x the fun!
Hope to have some action photos when the British weather sorts itself out. (could be waiting years lol)

First attempt at home-made decals...

Cheers guys, will be having another go soon..
@moosey Don't think doing it on the outside is a good idea as the 'decals' are only printed on standard paper on an office printer! (Proper decal vinyl must be many many microns thinner than paper.. also not sure if the laquer would have an adverse effect on the paper/ink.) The idea was to have them under the lexan so they look as 'one' with the paintwork, I'm sure with a bit more practise and some careful colour matching I'll be able to pull it off a bit better. Surprised I can't find anyone else that has used this product for some original designs etc. (Whoa, rambling, sorry!)

Update drivers lewis and jensen

Amazing paintwork, bit confused though - last time I saw the F1 I could have sworn Lewis was black.. ;)

Christmas present

Nice 'box! I've got a standard lunchie and a metallic Pumpkin; I took the front bumpers off both as well (because it looks so much better IMO), although one head-on later I was left with floppy grills on both!! Oops, bumpers back on!

After a good day's running!

Lol! It was the first time I have driven them in anger, the 'box ended up in a large muddy puddle and I thought I'd killed it!! My mate said 'just run it - it'll dry out!' Sure enough, no worries! Love these trucks, Nice one MAD-BEE :)

Why buy a blackfoot xtreme?

Don't know why pic 4 won't show? I've tried uploading it twice now. Nevermind..

First attempt at home-made decals...

No kit - just the glue (as detailed below), some paper, an ink jet printer and a little imagination. I scanned the lunchbox logo and used photoshop and Inkscape to design it. Get creating!

Zombie in a midnight pumpkin
Mad Ax

Wow, no comments?? I know this is a long time ago but I just wanted to praise you for your prose! Awesome story that actually gave me a shiver or two! Even Stephen King would have been proud of that... Nice one.

When you need a lift

Looks excellent, what cab is it? Oh, love the 23 hr recovery! What does he do in his hour off? :)

Blue land rover defender easter action

I always want to comment how awesome your scalers are, but would just be repeating what a thousand other people have already said! I love your Landy collection but - is it me or is that roof just TOO white..! Maybe a couple of rolls wouldn't do any harm.. ;)

Rc4wd gelande land rover

Wow, that looks amazing! Slightly worried me now though as I've just ordered a Trail Finder 2 from RC4WD and apart from an SCX10 I've only ever built Tamiyas.. Oh well, I'm up for the challenge. Plus, you guys will help, right? ;) hehehe

Rc4wd gelande land rover

Ah, I didn't realise the gelande was pre-built. I take it the build was getting the body to fit etc. I'll check out your build thread..
You, Wyoming and a couple of others really show what can be done with some skill and patience. Huge respect to all! (Thanks for replying)

Axial scx10 dingo

That looks like a nice Dingo, dude! Interesting sidesteps and looks like it's got the 4-link kit?
You got some cool minis too, top man!

Made some changes on my dingo

That looks really nice, the silver's kinda like brushed aluminium. Awesome truck, my Axial goes with me everywhere! One thing I think it's missing is a nice bit of DIRT ;)

We all love a good silhouette!

That could be a fun game; guess the RC from the silhouette! Plus it's great to see a Thunderdragon, that's one I really remember from my youth but was never too popular it seems..
All cool pics, nice composition! :)