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thanks for the compliment. these cars look amazing in box art with a nicely done cockpit although i am thinking of doing my 2011 in avante black colours.

Rally mods

Hi. I have just bought a lancia delta tt02. Can you please share the part numbers for the cockpit set and drivers?. Thanks.

Like a timewarp
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I did not want to photo the blisters as I have borrowed the body set and tyres for my vintage shelf queen in my showroom but here you go.. excuse the big empty bit in the middle. I LOVE THIS KIT!!

New built vanquish!
Road Burner

this is exactly what I am looking for but never for sale :(

Super vanquish
Tamiya Era

That is my favourite buggy and the bes
t version I have ever seen. I am having no luck trying to buy one. getting very frustrated, one day I hope!
Why is this buggy so underrated?, maybe if kit came with hicap dampers people would rate with avante and egress.

Ultimate 'mint shrink-wrapped' nib vanquish

I am so jealous, I was going to ask to buy it but ' definitely a keeper' tells me I am out of luck. my search goes on. this is one kit I would part ex my top force evo for.

All good things are three

Sometimes it makes me sad looking at showrooms. I picked up a mint vintage rally 037 out the classified ads and the ta03rs for no money as part of a collection and sold both. Looking at this makes me regret that. This body us beautiful. I bet that was a powerful car irl.

Finished and detailed bruiser in ford sierra beige
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Thanks for the compliments. I also paint warhammer space marines so if it anyone wants to know how to easily paint a face just go in games workshop and buy Cadian flesh tone and reikland flesh shade. Just paint in the flesh colour, then cover in the wash then go over the high points of the face with flesh tone again such as cheekbones and nose and chin, this leaves shadows in the recesses and looks quite good for very little effort, also when doing pupil and iris don't use brushes, just do a dab of paint with a broken tooth pick or something then a smaller dab with the point of the pick for the pupil. When doing hair, paint one colour then get another colour on a fat brush, wipe off the paint on a tissue then briskly tickle the hair with the dry brush to cover raised points on hair. Very basic techniques for a pleasing result. Same shade and drybrush technique can be used on overalls.

My 2nd tamiya i had and the 1st new build
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Vanquish has landed!. Got some bonus parts, bearings and some frp plate pieces. Can't wait to build this. May have to finally save up for an adspec radio system and get some hi cap dampers and a dynatech!.

Two speed controls are better than one

I always think it's better when people Explain the stories hind their cars. Yours was just the right amount of text. Also it's nice that your family all mess about with this great toy. I am gonna have to pick up a grasshopper now. This car is amazing in the fact that it's the cheapest but has more character/ fun factor than some expensive models

Team associated rc10 as6001 - challenge anneka complete

The only non tamiya rerelease that i have any interest in. Love the youtube vids of dads and their some running round in Bermuda shorts frantically charging in- cads that make 5.1 minutes runtime and skimming motors every race!. I bet they had fun tho , get it built.

Gmtv sand scorcher hits the beach

I call shenanigans!. There's no sand on the tyres!.

Blazing blazers hit suffolk

Why do tamiya keep releasing and rereleasing nonsense like the farm king and vw monster bus or whatever it is and models like this classics go begging!. Imagine how happy us tamiyaphiles would be to open and build a blazer aaarrggghhh!!!! Can u tell I'm frustrated?!

After 6 years the mud blaster gets a run

Did not know you had a mud blaster, classic truck from my youth. Good to see one actually do what it was intended for. I'm not sure about the crawler motor in a 2wd truck, you need a fast motor to get a run up for the hills and puddles!. One thing i do wonder looking at these pics what an mb would look like with medium size wheels ala hilux etc, could be quite interesting? But i suppose that would make it a brat!?

Finally built the avante 2011
xray mark

Just added the white tyres

Tamiya adspec gt-i

I would love one of these if you ever sell it?

Tamiya vanquish the avantes little brother.
xray mark

Just a quick update... Kontemax, this was my second car after a thundershot!.
I noticed the front spring perches were incorrect and came on the same sprue as the bumpers so i bought them. The car looks like 95% new build now!.

Dingo clod does mousehold heath part deux

This is what Rc fun is all about!. Nice one.

Competition entry
Sad Sammy

Uh!, winning!!!!!!!

New scorcher rolled....
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@rallyebaz, nah im sure it was a bit of radio interference ;)

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